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Villa and Spanish soccer cohorts join club Valencia after winning the 2010 World Cup.
The 2010 World Cup men's soccer tournament was over, and triumphant Spain had taken home the champions trophy. The Spanish national team were touted for their three dominant offense stars David Villa, David Silva, and Fernando Torres, along with a complementary host of lauded defense players going into the anticipated tournament at the beginning of the second decade of the new millennium. However, it was the level-headed captain David Villa who'd carried the team to the 2010 World Cup trophy, after his supporting cast of supershots oddly were not playing up to par. Villa managed to marshal the entire team to tight and controlled 1-0 single-score victories through the entire bracket, managing to do the same against the mighty Netherlands team in the World Cup final.

Now that the World Cup was over for Spain, Villa and Silva and Torres planned their future in soccer together. The three Spanish stars who'd managed to save dignity and meet all the hype-minded critics by bearing down to their bare bones and grabbing the soccer tournament championship trophy were thinking about how to settle into the proverbial sunset of their otherwise glowing soccer career after helping Spain earn its first-ever title. Villa and Silva and Torres agreed it'd be wise to make camp in a reputed European soccer club team and settled on relatively storied and very respected team Valencia, a club team in Spain's popular La Liga top division.

Villa and Silva and Torres accepted a decent salary-and-endorsement contract from Valencia managers and began play in the 2011 season seeking to bring more spotlight and fans to Spain's La Liga division. That season, Silva and Torres sat at the top of the division in goals scored, and Valencia was second in the league only to powerhouse team Real Madrid, which boasted superstars from France, the Netherlands, and Brazil. Valencia managed to reach the Champions League tournament of league leaders in Spain, Italy, and England despite being second-favorite to Real Madrid. Valencia's triad of the three World Cup winning supershots Villa and Silva and Torres continued to bring more European soccer fans to Valencia games that season in 2011.

VILLA: We've trekked through a symbolic Valencia year!
SILVA: It's a terrific club, and we brought Spanish color!
TORRES: We must defeat Real Madrid!

VILLA: We can rest our laurels on the World Cup trophy.
SILVA: It was Spain's first world soccer title.
TORRES: We came from nothing and forged a house.

VILLA: Even if we don't down Real Madrid, we'll still toast.
SILVA: The World Cup title was valuable for Spain.
TORRES: This is decent soccer media quills!

VILLA: Spanish soccer will always be a global cherry!
SILVA: Maybe we'll down Real Madrid within three years!
TORRES: Our World Cup championship was timely!
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