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a character study on being pretty
Tell me I’m pretty
Tell me I’m great
Tell me I’m smart
Tell me before your heart breaks

A perfectly timed smile
A laugh that’s just right
A subtle touch on your arm
Blink and turn off the light

I know who I am
I know the things I do
They’re on purpose
I just want to tease you

I can feel your eyes
The jealousy therein
I have it all
And you want in

Here, be my friend
I’ll dangle it like bait
Always a head above
Reach - oh, you’re too late

Modest is the queen
The skin is the pawn
Insecure is the rook
Now the bishop is gone

I’ll take until I’m full
Then I’ll take some more
Call it I owe you
Then I’ll find the door

A red button is easy
Press it every day
Never be accountable
For things I always wanted to say

So tell me I’m pretty
Tell me I’m great
Tell me I’m smart
Tell me I’m fake
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