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A poem about reconciling compulsion with reality
Hidden Forces
I suppose I might be taking
A long view in the making
And maybe it's a wishing more than real.
But I have to think its sumthin
That's signaling the bumpkin
Evidence that's more than just surreal.

They say a lot is written
In the look of someone smitten
A body thats adrift inside a sweat
But I could be mistaken
To launch an undertaken
To wager supposition on a bet.

The key I have to wonder
And not commit a blunder
Is knowing what there really is in store
Maybe it's a something
Perhaps no more than nothing
Maybe just a flirt and little more.

But when it keeps recurring
The message it's inferring
Could be something taken with a heed.
A compulsion' that's repressed
An urgency suppressed.
Where is all this doubt a gonna lead?

When what we want is acting
And propriety's reacting
The dilemma is plain enough to see
Tortured by the first
Damned to do the worst
What's the bloody outcome gonna be?
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