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Rated: E · Fiction · Contest Entry · #2222776
Flash Fiction 5/25/20 W/C 299
Deja Vu

“Haven’t we been here before?” Mike looked at the map. All the roads converged at this one point. "I think we’re going in circles.”

“No. We’re on a new route. The other one leads north. We’re headed south” Jane pointed to the road in front of them. “See, south. The sign even says ‘Route 299 South’. “

Mike turned off the car, took his hands off the wheel. He got out and looked at the sun and his shadow.

“And you can’t go in circles if the roads are north and south. Those are straight lines. So we are going south.” Jane continued to trace the route on the map.

“Just a figure of speech, Jane. It means that we,…. Oh never mind. I think we’re lost. Lost in the middle of nowhere.”

“What if we take the east or west? Wouldn’t we end up somewhere else?” She pointed to the crossroads behind them.

Mike stared at Jane. All he could think was ‘here we go again’. That kind of thinking got them into this pickle. ‘Go this way, Mike. Go that way, Mike. Oooh, this road looks like fun. What happens if we go down this road?’.

“Of course we’d end up somewhere else. That’s what will happen. But what if the somewhere else isn’t where we want to be? Huh? What about that Jane? How much further do we go before we are in real trouble?”

Jane consulted the map again. “I think we can go about this far.” She put her index finger down on a line, then held it up. “This is as far as we can go before we get into real trouble. Go that way Mike.” She pointed west with that finger.

Mike mumbled, ‘Here we go again.’

W/C 299

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