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Rated: E · Fiction · Sci-fi · #2222778
Writer's Cramp 5/26/20 W/C 502
Deja Vu All Over Again

Mike looked at his shadow. The sun was overhead still. It had been overhead since he started this hike. He’d left Jane back by the car about an hour ago, or so he thought. His watch showed 1PM, but the sun was straight overhead.

Mike pondered this for a moment. Everything he’d been taught told him when the sun was highest in the sky it was noon, the middle of the day. He needed a drink. His throat was as dry as the desert sand.

A flash of light and a puff of dirt threw Mike to the ground. As the dust cleared, he could see three shadows blocking the sun. One had Jane’s silhouette.

“Mike, where have you been? I’ve been waiting at the car for over an hour?”

Mike held a hand to his eyes. “Jane? How’d you get here? I told you to wait. I went to get help.”

“Well you didn’t come back so these kind people came to rescue me.” Jane pointed to a pair of strange beings near her side.

The green thing on Jane’s right had five hands or legs, he didn’t know what and ten eyes, two one each appendage. The being on Jane’s left had no arms or legs. It was just a gelatinous blob with a big mouth and one eye right above the mouth.

“I think you need to come stand by me, Jane.”

“What? Oh these guys? They’re harmless. This green one is George and the blob is Bob. They’re from outer space. They were able to bring me here by bending time. They can make the sun stand still. Isn’t that cool?” Jane smiled and put her arms around the two alien life forms.

It was quite a picture. Green George, Bob Blob and my sweet Jane standing like the three musketeers. Jane acted like these were her best friends from high school or something. The two aliens made strange humming sounds and Jane was able to hum in return. They carried on this conversation of sorts for several minutes.

“Mike, we’ve discussed this situation. George, Bob and I have decided that staying here is an impossible situation. We need to go back to the car. They can fix the car. Then we can continue on with our trip.”

I stared at Jane in her blue dress and sandals and sun hat. I saw her talking to aliens. What in the heck? I mumbled, ‘Here we go again.’ So I decided to take the path of least resistance.

A flash of light and a puff of dust threw me back to the dirt in front of the car. Jane, Green George and Bob Blob stood by the car. Another flash of light and the aliens disappeared.

“Where’d they go?”

“You mean George and Bob? Oh they went home. But we’re invited to visit them at Giltin Time.
They’ll keep in touch. And they fixed the car.”

A brand new BMW sat where the old Honda was just an hour before.

W/C 502

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