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by Flame
Rated: 13+ · Fiction · Fantasy · #2222814
12 friends play a game.
A thousand voices whisper in your mind, the darkness lit up by a shade of purple surrounding you on all sides, the air is stagnant and cold, you feel one hundred million eyes watching you, as you place a shaky hand to your forehead. The splitting pain is accompanied by a smear of blood on your fingers. To the side of you, a mass of black shells laid crumpled under its own weight. Jack. The scene flashes in your head again, Jack entering your room, only to find you wide awake on your bed in your purple pj's. He lunges for you, in which you narrowly dodge. He tries again, but you grab him, and slam your head into his. Hard. The accompanying crack made you sick to your stomach. You just killed Jack Noir, a member of a notorious gang on Derse, the Midnight Crew. You peer outside your window as the voices get louder. Looking up, you see darkness. But you know it's not empty. The terrors are awake, and so are you. Its time to wake up, Oliver. Wake up. Wake up. WAKE UP. WAKE UP WAKE UP WAKE UP WAKE UP


You awake from your nap and look around. Your comfy bed tells you to come back to sleep, but you ignore its weary calls.

>Enter name

Your name is ARIANA CHAVEZ. What? Did you think you'd be someone else? Of course not. A crack of thunder outside startles you a bit, as your cat, bb8, comes running from his little corner in your room. You begin to pet him and sing soft lullabies, as he calms down slightly and begins to purr. You are your cats comfort, and your cat is your comfort. That's simply how it works. You are a very avid BOOKREADER, CARETAKER, and often referred to as a THERAPEUTIC FRIEND. You take happiness in knowing that you can help your friends because you truly understand what they are going through. Most of them, anyway. You have an interest in SPACE and all the PLANETS that lie in its vastness. More specifically, Saturn. You are also a GOOD PAINTER and enjoy working with PASTELS AND ACRYLICS. Sometimes you, and others, like to think yourself as a very good MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER. You also face anxiety issues and bad medical history, as your childhood was littered with trips to the hospital. You're in relatively good shape now, though. You enjoy fantasy series such as HARRY POTTER, THE UMBRELLA ACADEMY, STAR WARS, and other POPULAR TITLES. Hell, you even named your cat after a star wars character. You also enjoy various drinks such as TEA and COFFEE. Your chat handle is lifelessSaturn, and You tend to speak in a way that truly shows how your mind is thinking as you don't use much punctuation and your messages tend to go on without the need for any even though there probably should be. Your ex gets kinda annoyed by your improper use of grammar. What will you do?

>Make yourself a cup of tea

You decide its time to get up. As you do, Bb8 follows you, staying close to your ankles. You walk across your house to the kitchen and begin brewing a cup of tea. The rain falls heavily on the window, as another clap of thunder makes Bb8 run under the table. You sigh and try and call him out, but alas it looks like he'll be staying under there until you leave the kitchen. The kettle whistles, as you pour your glass, and sit down. You close your eyes and begin to think, today is the day that you and your friends will be playing a very special game. You have only heard about it from those who brought the attention of it to your group, but it still interests you nonetheless. As if on cue, your phone begins to buzz. Looks like one of your said friends is messaging you.

>Answer friend

-- sleepDriven [SD] has begun pestering lostSaturn [LS] --

SD: Ari
SD: Aaaaaaaaaari
SD: Ari answer your damn phone damnit
LS: Yes Oliver?
SD: Ok good you're here, so listen I'm on the south side right now, my asshole father dropped me off at a fucking LIBRARY because he thought i could use the time to help my damn grades.
LS: Oh dear
SD: Yeah. Anyways, could you come to pick me up? I don't wanna be here right now, especially since this side of town is very sketch.
LS: Oliver you know i dont like to drive especially in the rain especially when i live on the other side of town
SD: Well its not raining here soooooo
LS: Couldnt you ask Skylee to drive you since she lives closer
SD: She isnt answering, I think she's asleep or getting ready for that game.
LS: What about the b-
SD: Oh fuck
SD: Is that...?
LS: Oliver wait-

-- sleepDriven ceased pestering lostSaturn --

That was strange, Oliver isn't the type to go back on something like that so fast. It sounded urgent too.. You're kinda worried, but you know if he's in trouble, he'd tell you or one of your friends. And even if he didnt, Oliver is strong, and perfectly capable of handling himself. You begin to space out in your own thoughts before your phone's buzzing gets you again, looks like the group memo is active again.

>Check memo

-- riskyPerception has responded to KAZOO KREW (GAY FROGS) --
RP: goood morning y'all *Peace2*

-- nighttimeBunny has responded to KAZOO KREW (GAY FROGS) --
NB: Good morning Lil!! :)
RP: sammmmmmm hi how was your morning?
NB: My mornings been okay, ive been okay, watching some netflix all morning lol, what about yours?
RP: good! im glad its been good, my morning just started buuut its off to a great start.
NB: Oh right! I forgot you live two hours behind, in.. Washington state, right?
RP: yeah, im sad i had to move :((
NB: Me too! I miss you already :(
RP: but hey atleast i got Sophia and Julie to keep me company.. yayyyyy
NB: Haha, yeah

-- seldomClown responded to KAZOO KREW (GAY FROGS) --
SC: i-
SC: Hey we arent that bad
RP: yeah youre right, you guys can be fun !
SC: Im not sure if i detect sarcasm or not-
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