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The girls plan a little weekend outing.
WIP chapter. Another short one.

Amanda and sally sat at the kitchen table having a cup of coffee. It had been quite an interesting night between the two of them and “Brandy”. Brad’s alter ego was still sleeping upstairs in the bedroom. She was quite worn out from last night.

“Wow, that was a lot of fun last night”, said Sally as she sat at the kitchen table in only a robe. “So how does it feel to have a penis?”

“It felt in the way a lot of the time, but damn... Brandy gives one hell of a blow job! I mean I don’t have anything to compare it to, but her enthusiasm was admirable!”, said Amanda as she blew on her coffee.

Sally poured some creamer in her coffee and stirred it briskly as she listened. “I’ll say! She would make one hell of a pornstar, that’s for sure. I wonder how Brad will feel about all of this once he’s back in his own body?”

“He couldn’t help it after he kept that bra held to the medallion a little too long. It’s hard to say though. That body is made to give and receive pleasure. You remember how sensitive those nipples were when you tried her out. Even though you still had your intelligence, you did seem to be extra excited that night. At least some of her instincts rubbed off on you.”, reminded Amanda.

“Well, I like your body a lot better and I’m starting to become accustomed to this new height. I wish I didn’t have to go with Rick tomorrow night to that stupid reunion. I don’t know anyone there and won’t even have you to keep me company. We already have non-refundable plane tickets so I’m kind of stuck. Every time I talk about staying home, he’s been a bit of a BITCH about it.”

Both friends laughed as Amanda nodded in agreement. “I’m glad that we had plans already! It’s not my fault we planned on this trip before their class reunion was even scheduled. Brad was complaining all week about coming to the lawn and garden show with me instead of us going to the reunion. I thought he would enjoy it or I wouldn’t have spent so much on the plane tickets and hotel.”

Sally sighed as she thought about her upcoming trip. “That would be a much better way to spend the weekend. Oh, and on top of that, I promised Rick that I would use the sexed up version of my body for the trip so he could show me off. It was fun having that body for the night, but I don’t want to lug those breasts around for an entire weekend. He’s been begging to see that body ever since I made the mistake of telling him about it’s existence. At least I have a suitcase packed with clothing that will fit, although it’s all a bit revealing. He’s going to lose it when he sees the lingerie that I picked out for his surprise!”

“You mean the red one? Yeah, that will get his motor going!”, said Amanda as put down her drink and warmed up her coffee with another pour from the pot. A long silence filled the room as the two friends sat deep in thought.

“You know...”, said Sally with a mischievous grin. “We could easily swap places. Hell, you and I are already in the right bodies. Brad and Rick could have their fun and relive old times. We’ll relieve Rick of his canine body and Brad will get to take my sexy form so Rick can still show off his sexy wife. Do you think he’ll do it?”

“I’m sure “Brandy” won’t mind.“, said Amanda as the friends had a good chuckle.
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