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Chloe discovers a way to get closer to Sabrina, but learns more than she'd hoped.
True Nature
a Commission Written by Moeyuri

Chloe swallowed nervously as she sat down in her Chemistry class. She was here again. Sitting right in front of her. Her palms were already feeling sweaty as she stared at the back of her perfect, blonde head.

Even as the professor walked in and began to talk, her mind drifted far away as she looked down at Sabrina. She already knew everything she needed to know about covalent bonds anyways. One afternoon daydreaming wouldn’t hurt much…

As Sabrina suddenly turned her head, Chloe looked down and frantically started to flip through her textbook, trying not to look like she had been staring.

“Hey, you got a spare pen?” an angelic voice asked her. Chloe looked up and nearly fainted. Sabrina was speaking to her. Her perfect blue eyes looking straight into her own soul.
The nerdy brunette nearly melted into the floor...but realized she was just staring into her eyes silently for the past few seconds.

“Oh! Um, yeah!” she said, passing her a pen.

“Thanks sweetie~” she replied with a wink before returning to the lecture. Chloe nearly screamed in happiness right then and there.

The rest of class was spent with Chloe fantasizing about speaking with Sabrina again. It was hard to say when she began to develop this...crush? Love? Obsession? From the moment she saw Sabrina, she knew that the blonde woman was someone special.

Sabrina was perfection itself. Tall. Gorgeous. Kind. Popular. Probably the most popular senior on campus. A straight A student majoring in Nuclear Physics. She was someone people fantasizing about a perfect college life would think of. Chloe would sell her very soul if it meant being able to date her...but that would never happen.

Chloe was completely different from her crush. 5’5”, green eyes, short brunette hair, and thick glasses. She gave off the ‘pretty nerd’ look naturally, which also reflected her personality. A chemistry major, she was a sophomore attending the school by scholarship. And being a bit antisocial, had very few friends.

Someone like her could never have the guts to ask Sabrina out...and someone like Sabrina would never think of asking out a nerd like her.

As class was dismissed, Sabrina packed away her things and walked out with a group of her friends. Chloe let out a sad sigh as she left, grabbing her own items. It had been months of this. Fantasizing of getting to know her. Yearning to become her friend, or something more. Just...just being close to her!

Leaving the lecture hall, Chloe walked down the hall to the science labs to see how her experiments were going. Her school work always helped get her mind off the enchanting blonde.

Walking into the lab, she changed into her lab coat and safety gear while preparing her notes.
“Day 113 of Experiment ‘Downsize.’ Examining Subject 519, having been applied with serum Alpha 45 days prior” she said into her recorder.

Pulling off the sheet of a cage, it seemed empty except for the wood-chips. But she pulled out a magnifying glass to get a better look. Down between the wood chips...was a rat, barely a millimeter tall.

“Subject continues to show signs of good health. Mark serum safe for the specimen after 45 days with no signs of decay. Serum Alpha seems to be a success. I will now apply one dose of Serum Beta to the subject” she said, pulling out a vial of red liquid.

She gently poured a single drop into the cage near the rat, but not getting any on it. The rodent curiously walked over and drank a little. Chloe watched as the animal began to slowly grow back to its original size while wandering around its cage.

“Subject 519 appears to be healthy. Time for Serum Beta to take full effect is...6 minutes, 19 seconds. Serum Beta seems to be a success, but will monitor the subject's life signs for any changes” she said before turning off the recorder.

Chloe filled the rat’s food and water bowl before covering it again and locking up. She had been testing this serum for years, and it seemed like she finally had it stable! Serum Alpha could shrink any biological being by rapidly changing the DNA string while accelerating the cell division cycle. Serum Beta did the opposite, resulting in the subjects growing back.

At first there was a problem with it using too much biological energy, and subjects starving to death on the growth process. But after changing the serum to be sugary and fatty, it served as its own fuel. She was confident that it was now 100% safe.

This was a revolutionary invention. This would be the product that landed her a doctorate degree! If she could prove it was safe for humans too, just think of all the uses it could be for!
But the first thing in her mind was Sabrina. The nerdy girl shook her head, feeling unable to get the girl out of her mind once again. Why now? Yes she wanted to be close to her, but her research usually-

“That’s it…” she mumbled, staring at the red and blue solutions. “It... it’s possible…” she muttered, an idea hatching in her mind. A stupid, horrible idea... that sounded wonderful to her.

Two Weeks Later…

Students buzzed around the dance hall wearing some of their finest clothing as upbeat music played in the background. Homecoming night. One day that everyone always fantasizes about when they think of school life.

Chloe of course didn’t have a date tonight. But still, she came wearing a light blue dress and wedge heels. Her hair was made up, and she was using the contact lenses she dreaded so much. If she paid attention around her, it would be obvious to note the looks of those wanting to ask her for a dance.

But she didn’t, because the only thing she was looking at was Sabrina. The perfect girl played a big part in planning the event, and was checking to make sure everything ran smoothly. Right now she was up on a small stage, setting up the sound equipment.

Looking into her purse, Chloe swallowed nervously. This was such a stupid plan...but she couldn’t back out now! Inside her bag were two vials of serum, and a small prep bag containing doll clothes and a pair of miniature glasses. The glasses were honestly the hardest thing to make in preparation…

“Ahem...testing, testing” Sabrina’s sweet voice echoed through the hall as the music paused. Chloe bit her lip as she stared up on the stage. She was standing there, wearing an absolutely gorgeous white dress. Her makeup was perfect, and her hair was done in a perfect blonde bun. It would be easy for anyone to call her a goddess tonight.

“Good evening everybody! In case you don’t know me, I’m Sabrina Adams. The faculty asked me to prepare a speech for tonight, so if I could have a minute of your time, I have a few words to say” she announced. Most of the people stopped what they were doing to look up at her. Though there were a few that took the moment to slip away from the crowd to make out.

This was the moment she was waiting for. Chloe slowly worked her way through the crowd, keeping her head down. Most people didn’t even look at her as the pretty blonde spoke.
“I just want to say, I am so proud to be up here tonight. It’s such an honor to be in the student council. And if things go well, I’ll be giving you another speech as Valedictorian!” she announced, followed by a round of applause.

The nerdy girl managed to sneak out of the crowd and around the back of the stage. With no one looking at her, this was her only chance tonight. Reaching into her bag, she pulled out the vial of Serum Alpha.

Looking back to Sabrina, she bit her lip as doubt hit her heart. “... for you” she mumbled before pressing the vial to her lips and swallowing down the blue serum. Huh. It tasted much sweeter than she was expecting.

Almost immediately, her body began to tingle all over. Her skin began to itch as her organs groaned.

“Itchy skin, nausea...all normal signs it’s working…” she mumbled, trying to reassure herself. This was the very first human experimentation after all.

Then it began. Her dress went from reaching her knees to reaching her ankles in under a minute. It was working! Chloe was slowly beginning to shrink!

Looking around, all eyes were still on Sabrina. “And can we give a hand to our football team for that amazing win?!” she exclaimed, followed by a round of applause.
She needed to work quickly. In less than two minutes, the shrinking would end. Grabbing the small baggie from her purse, she tossed it up onto the stage. Setting her purse down on the ground, she made sure to set it on its side to make sure she could get into it later.

Then...she waited. Her body got smaller and smaller by the second. 4 feet tall. 3 feet tall. 2 feet tall was when her clothes finally slid off her body completely. When she was just over a foot tall, Chloe moved. She started climbing up the stairs, which were quickly becoming taller than her.

Hoisting herself up was a challenge, but she needed to wait this long so no one could see her. By the time she reached the last step, she was only a half foot tall! She had to jump and grab the ledge as she continued to dwindle away.

By the time she finished pulling herself up, she was only a few inches tall. Standing on the stage, completely naked...she was too small for anyone to even notice. Perfect.

She rushed over to the plastic bag she tossed up earlier and opened it as the shrinking began to slow. Taking out the doll clothes and tiny glasses she continued putting her plan into place. Except the damn clothes wound up being too small! She could barely fit them on, even the elastic underpants. Regrettably, she couldn’t waste time. She’d have to go naked, at least being able to wear the glasses and see.

“Thank god no one can see me like this…” Chloe muttered. If anyone saw her in this kind of tight outfit, they’d mock her for sure!

But that didn’t matter now. Looking over at the podium, Chloe let out a small squeaking sound. Sabrina was still standing there, giving a speech like the perfect goddess she is. Only now...she truly was a goddess to the nerdy student.

The blonde woman stood miles high, her voice shaking the very air as she spoke into the microphone. Without even thinking, she slowly began to walk closer to her. Looking more and more upwards to see her lovely head, Chloe nearly walked face first into her high heel!
“And as a final word, I wanted to thank you again for taking your time. Now...let’s party!” she yelled, followed by a roar of whoops and hollers from the cheering crowd. “Shit!” Chloe shouted, realizing just how long she had been spacing out.

As Sabrina gave her final waves to the crowd, Chloe rushed forward to her black clutch. Pulling with all her might, she managed to get the zipper open and plunged herself inside. Sabrina reached down to grab her purse before the shrunken girl even hit the bottom.

Chloe paled a bit as she hit the soft cloth, feeling an intense rush of G forces as the purse was raised off the ground and held under Sabrina’s arm. The feeling of inertia kept hitting her as she felt the purse being rocked back and forth as the giantess started to walk away from the podium.

This was it! She had really done it. Chloe was now closer to Sabrina than she’d ever been before... and was going to stay that way for the rest of the night.

Feeling the gentle swaying of her walking, Chloe slowly started to get used to the sensation. But she also noticed that she had been walking for a few minutes...and the sound of the music was starting to fade. Was Sabrina leaving the Homecoming dance already?

Sure enough, Sabrina hopped into her BMW and set her purse down in the passenger seat. The goddess let out a relieved sigh as she began to drive away from the school. Looking up at her from the purse, Chloe was surprised when she saw how relaxed she looked. Did she actually dislike these types of events?

The shrunken woman spent the entire ride staring at Sabrina, simply admiring her beauty. After driving for about 20 minutes, the car pulled to a stop. She really wanted to know where they had gone, but couldn’t see outside the windows from her purse prison.

Suddenly, Sabrina pulled her dress straps off, slipping out of the garment. Chloe’s eyes bulged as her cheeks flushed. She wasn’t wearing a bra underneath…

Sabrina reached into the back seat of the car, pulling out a spare bag. She quickly slid on a tight pink tube top, a short denim skirt, and spent 10 minutes applying heavy makeup. Chloe could hardly recognize Sabrina as the same perfect student as she had appeared earlier. Now...she just looked like a stereotypical ‘party girl.’

Grabbing her purse, Sabrina carried it in her hand as she stepped out of the car. Chloe risked climbing up a bit higher to look around. It seems they had pulled into an abandoned factory parking lot.

Sabrina strolled up to the main door and pounded her fist against it. A few seconds later, an impossibly large man opened it. “Closed event” he stated firmly. “Johny, cut the bullshit. I told you last time I’m not doing that stupid fucking password thing” Sabrina spat in a venomous tone. Chloe didn’t think she could even talk like that…

The bouncer chuckled a little as he stepped out of the doorway. “Chill, girl, chill. No need to bite my head off” he said playfully, motioning her inside. As she strolled by, he didn’t even try to pretend he wasn’t staring at her ass.

Inside the factory, it seemed completely abandoned. But there was glow in the dark paint on the floor, making a pathway down a series of hallways. She followed the lines, the sounds of her high heels clacking echoing all around. Eventually, she was led to a staircase downwards towards another door.
When she opened the metal door, the blaring sound of music suddenly blasted through the empty hallways. Sabrina smiled ear to ear as she closed the door behind her.

Chloe peeked out of the purse and gasped at the location. Glow in the dark paint and neon lights were everywhere, flashing a series of colors. A DJ wearing glow in the dark makeup in a skull pattern was playing music with heavy bass as half naked party goers danced all around.
Well...she said dancing, but they were seriously grinding against each other. It could practically be considered dry humping now. Others were waving around glow sticks, their dilated eyes showing that they were clearly on drugs.

Why on earth did Sabrina come here? She was leading such a perfect life already...why would she get mixed up with these types? Maybe she was experimenting?

“Sabrina!” a voice called out. The blonde smiled happily as a topless woman came over with a dixie cup in each hand. “About time you made it! I thought you were bailing on me~” she said with a fake pout.

“Nah, that homecoming speech ran longer than I thought. Fuck I hate that uptight stuff…” she grumbled.

“Ha! I can’t blame you. Here, drink up!” she offered, handing Sabrina one of the cups. Sabrina didn’t waste any time bringing it to her lips and downing it.

“Blegh!” she scowled. “I think someone might have put some punch in this vodka” she laughed. Her friend laughed aloud too, taking a sip.

“That is so you! Feel free to mix it up better yourself, girl. Anyways, Tony is gonna take me back to his place, so I’ll catch you next time!” she exclaimed, handing the other drink to Sabrina.

"For real? Nuh-uh, don't do me like this Avery!" she whined pitifully, miming the attitude of a pouty kid for comedic effect.

"Lol, shut up. Like you haven't stranded me in worse spots. Just drink up, get out there, do what you do best, skank!" her friend chided, knowing Sabrina wasn't truly upset.

She paused in pretend contemplation, then snickered, "You're right. Gonna have to find someone twice of size of Tony's cock to make us even though!"

"Ew! Don't think that's possible!" "Wanna bet?" Sabrina grinned impishly. "Just shut up and have fun, I'll see you tomorrow!" with that, Avery turned and left.

As Sabrina chugged the booze down, Chloe felt her mind stop working. ….who is this person? What happened to the perfect goddess she wanted to spend more time with? This seemed like someone else entirely!

Sitting back in the purse, she sat down on something to think for a minute. Is this how she truly was? What a 180 turn from what she expected….

Suddenly, a pair of fingers entered the purse from above! Chloe yelped and tried to avoid them as they felt around. The prying digits scraped along the bottom, straight towards her! But just before she was touched, the fingers stopped on the thing she had just been sitting on.

“Sweet! I knew I had some left!” Sabrina said aloud as she pulled out a white square. The blonde goddess wasted no time placing the LSD dab on her tongue. She closed her eyes and hummed as Chloe reeled in shock.

She sat back in the purse as Sabrina made her way onto the dance floor. The purse swayed and shook as the lovely woman swayed and grinded against other people at the venue. Her eyes glazed over a bit as the drugs set in.
To her, she was having the time of her life. Her heart was racing. The beat of the music was syncing with her soul, propelling her to dance harder and harder. The LSD was doing its job, making her feel a lovely high as she began to see more colors than she should.

No suffocating expectations. No rules to follow. To Sabrina, the only thing in the world was the heat of the bodies pressing up on her, and the beat of the music. She polished off another three drinks as she danced, living the night to its fullest.

The colors seemed even more vibrant. The music was speaking in colors without saying a word. She could have sworn she started seeing tiny fairies dancing around in blips of light as she swayed her hips.

After about an hour, she left the dance floor and went back towards the punch bowl. She chugged down a few more cups of punch, and a bottle of water. Fuck, water always felt so good at times like this.

Looking back out on the dance floor, she noticed one of the guys she was grinding on earlier eyeing her up from across the room. Biting her lip, she dug through her purse to see if she had any condoms. Given the muscles on this guy, she may just have to raw dog it if there weren’t any.

But as she searched, her fingers touched something soft and squishy. Raising an eyebrow, she ran her finger along it again, squeezing something warm. What was that? Pinching the odd thing, she held it in front of her face.

“… Oh...you’re that girl from class…” she stated aloud, eyeing the tiny girl she held in her fingers. Sabrina giggled a bit as she saw the naked nerd. “You’re pretty cute as a fairy… really cute." She rubbed the pad of her thumb gently over the soft, squishy mounds of the vision's tiny breasts. "Kinda makes me wanna fool around,” she said casually with a giggle. “Might need to do something ‘bout that~…”

Chloe had spent a lot of time in the purse, just waiting for this to end. This was nothing like she had imagined it. Sabrina was cross faded, grinding on any man or woman she got close to.

But another part of her...actually felt a bit happy. She might be the only person from the college that knows this side of her. Which means...she was kinda special, right? It’s like a secret between the two of them…

While she was thinking about that, she failed to notice the large fingers entering the purse once again. This time, her fingers hit her full force, pinning her to the bottom of the purse.

“H-hey!” she shouted as one of the enormous fingertips pressed against her breasts. Then moaned loudly as the finger started to move, groping her small chest. Suddenly, the hand moved away, only to grab onto her arm and hoist her out of the bag.

This was bad! Being held in front of Sarbina’s billboard sized face, Chloe knew she was busted! Hanging in front of the beautiful, goddess sized woman, the shrunken nerd shut her eyes and waited for her to get angry.

“Oh...you’re that girl from class…” the giantess mumbled, blowing her hot breath over her body. “You’re pretty cute as a fairy… really cute," the goddess giggled.

Chloe’s face erupted red as she looked into Sabrina’s glazed eyes. What...did she say? Sabrina, the prettiest girl in college, was interested in her?! She nearly fainted from that stimulation alone, but it got better.

“Kinda makes me wanna fool around... Might need to do something ‘bout that~…” the giantess blonde chuckled before bringing her towards her lips. Warm, squishy skin pressed into Chloe’s face. The tiny girl was stunned for a few seconds as she felt a small suction.

Sabrina...was kissing her?! The giantess pulled back a little, giggling when she saw her red lipstick smeared across the shrunken girl’s face. Then brought her back to her lips to kiss her more.

“W-wait...this isn’t safe! We can...do this when I’m back to normal!” she yelled, feeling extremely torn. A part of her wanted to give in and kiss her back...but she also knew how dangerous this could be while she’s tiny! After a series of kisses, Sabrina held her in front of her face with a cute pout. “What? I’m not good enough?” she asked, trying to kiss her again.
This time, Chloe couldn’t resist. She kissed her back, pressing her face where the two plush, giant lips met. Her heart was pounding in her head as she made out with the one she'd admired for so long.

Sabrina spent half a minute kissing the little woman before she knew she needed more. Opening her lips a bit, she brought out her tongue and licked the woman’s naked body. Humming in pleasure, she drew her in deeper. Slurping Chloe inside her mouth, she giggled as her tongue played with the girl’s naked body.

Chloe moaned loudly as she felt the wet, soft muscle pressing into her. It’s warmth and pliancy felt amazing as it squished against her breasts and pussy. The nerdy girl felt a trickle of fear being inside her mouth completely...but her libido was stronger.

She was incredibly turned on as her crush suckled and tasted her, grinding herself against Sabrina’s bumpy taste buds. The mouth opened again, and Chloe gasped when she saw another tab of acid placed onto Sabrina’s lovely pink tongue.

The mouth shut, sealing Chloe in the warm darkness as the goddess known as Sabrina continued to lick and play with her. With how much moaning and panting she was doing, it was no surprise that a large amount of Sabrina’s saliva ended up in her mouth. Chloe greedily gulped it down, experiencing a pleasure like she had never known before.

Unknown to her, the drug was starting to affect her as well due to her ingestion of the LCD infused saliva.

As Sabrina felt the acid dissolving on her tongue, the memory of the small girl inside her mouth started to fade away. All she really remembered was that something tasty was inside her mouth. So she continued to taste it for a few minutes, enjoying the sweet taste it gave off.

But her eyes locked onto someone sexy on the dance floor. She needed to get back to the party. So without a care in the world...she swallowed. For a second, she thought she heard a muffled yell as her throat bulged, but it quickly faded.

Sabrina made her way back to the party and started twerking on the attractive newcomer. Given the look in her eyes, they were definitely going home together~

Chloe screamed as she felt the throat muscles grip her legs, pulling her into Sabrina’s esophagus. The tight fleshy tunnel dragged her deeper into the blonde’s body, like any other scrap of food or drink.

The dark haired girl soon reached the end, falling a short distance and splashed in a small pool of fluids. It reeked of cheap booze inside Sabrina’s stomach. Even though it was pitch black, Chloe’s drug addled mind thought she could see bright colors and moving lights.

As the LSD settled deeper in her mind, her fear became suppressed. She thought she could practically see Sabrina rubbing her stomach affectionately.

That’s when it hit her. She was now closer to Sabrina than anyone else in the entire world. Being inside her stomach...yes, she would be digested. But then she would never be separated from the perfect girl she had wanted to be closer to.

One hand gripped her breast as another snaked between her legs, playing with herself inside the belly of the party girl as it churned and moved. “That’s right...I’m Sabrina’s. I’m...the person closest to her heart…” she said to herself, moaning as she started to get herself off.
She was feeling so happy and aroused, even as the acids in the pool started to peel away at her skin…

The next morning…

Sabrina cracked an eye open as a beam of sunlight hit her. The lovely blonde woman yawned and stretched her arms out while sitting up. Looking around, she took in a few details.
She was naked, there was a naked stranger next to her, this wasn’t her room. Oh, and her head pounded like a jackhammer directly into her head.

She scowled and clutched her aching head. Yup, that was too much acid last night. Sabrina made a mental note to stop bringing so much with her. By now she should know better than to trust herself to limit her partying. She faintly remembered coming home with a pretty girl from the party. Looking over at her, she smiled at the sleeping stranger.

Her body did feel pretty good despite the hangover thanks to this stranger’s willingness to satisfy her. She thought about how to fix this headache when her stomach grumbled hungrily. She patted her flat tummy and chuckled. “Alright...breakfast it is…” she whispered, getting out of bed.

She scribbled her number on a note by the bed, then got herself dressed and snuck out of the stranger’s home.

In the next few days, there was a buzz around campus about Chloe going missing. Sabrina hung her head during the announcement, her hand unconsciously patting her stomach.
“What a shame...she seemed nice” she said aloud. The only thing Sabrina really knew about her was that they shared one class, and she was kinda cute, but it was a shame she had gone missing. Sabrina would go on with life, completely unaware that she had consumed the lost girl in an intoxicated blur...

But to Chloe...she was together forever with perfection~
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