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by Aisha
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Hope is the key to our existence!
Hope is the key to our existence!

Life is full of fears, pain, and doubts. Fear of losing a loved one to death or leaving us stranded abruptly, pain after failed relationships or after a rejected proposal, feeling helpless after being cheated on, struggles to keep our survival going by hunting for that job, to cope up with ill-health, etc and many more such life agonies we have to face in our lifetime. Amidst, all these that one thing in our conscious which keeps us going is called "Hope".

Hope, is a very powerful tool that we have been gifted with, it helps us to counter-attack our negatives vibes and thoughts, and pushes us to get up that one more time after our every fall. We as humans are bound to make infinite mistakes and land up in difficult situations, but it is important to rise and dust yourself up and try for those new solutions to deal with the problems, and live with the attitude never to give up.

Keep that hope alive with your every breath of life, to walk again with your heads up leaving behind the critics of your life who are unaware of your story, determination to keep trying till you succeed, feeding your soul with self-satisfaction and keep burning that will-power, with the thought that you will not give up until you have achieved your goal.

Hope teaches us to be patient, persistent, and passionate about things we love in our life. Let hope to take you on a journey to places where you always wanted to be.
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