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The guys and the girls go their separate ways for the weekend.
Weekend Plans

Brad followed Amanda and Sally into the house to get ready for tomorrow and sat down on the couch while Sally went to find Rick and gather up the medallion. After a short period of time, she returned with one of Rick’s shirts. “Millie is still knotted to the neighbors dog, so we’ll need to wait a few more minutes.”

“I’m going to miss these when they’re gone!”, said Brad as he felt up his tits for maybe the last time. “I’m glad I get to go to the reunion though! Tee hee!”, giggled Brad in his bimbo voice. “I get to be smart again too!”

“Yeah, are you sure you don’t mind taking my place? I hate for you to miss out on the show.”, said Sally while trying not to smirk.

“Yeah! I’m sure.”, said Brad as he twirled his red hair.

Rick came running into the house and looked excitedly at his wife, turned master. “Well, I hope this works. The pill I slipped in was supposed to keep you from getting pregnant, but I wasn’t here to give you this morning’s dose. Sit!”, said Sally in a commanding voice.

Rick immediately plopped his ass on the ground and looked intently at his wife. Sally carefully placed the medallion over her husband’s head and let it dangle around his neck. She reached for the pair of boxers and touched them to the medallion.

Rick jumped when he felt the shock, but patiently waited for his human body to return. He quickly ran upstairs for a little privacy and to change into clothes once the transformation was complete.

About 40 minutes later, Rick joined the others, fully dressed. Thankful to once again be standing on two legs, he came over to kiss and hug his wife. “That was certainly an unforgettable experience! My female hormones were a bit too controlling though. I can’t believe how many times I let Joey fuck me. It’s going to be a little awkward the next time we visit the Jone‘s household.”, said Rick as his face turned red. “I thought you’d be back To your original body by now Brad!”, he said as he admired the curvy bimbo in front of him.

“Brad, remembering that Rick had a large package, stared at the bulge in his pants and licked his lips. “Uh huh...”, was all he said.

“Sally took the medallion from Rick and placed it over Brad’s head. “Ready!”, asked Sally as Brad nodded his empty little head.

Sally held the scrunched up piece of clothing causing Brad to jump a little and make a quick “eep” like sound. Everyone had a seat as they waited out Brad’s shift.

“Remember that you promised I could have your hot body version for our trip.”, reminded Rick.

“It’s a promise I intend to keep. However Brad is going to accompany you on the reunion trip. I decided to go with Amanda for the weekend.”

“But you said...”

Sally held up a finger, then pointed to Brad.

Brad’s intelligence was quickly returning to him, but he was surprised when the room began to grow. “What the hell? Why am I getting shorter?”

“I said you would take my place. I thought that you understood that it would be as me, in my body. It’s way too late to modify the plane tickets and I don’t think you could get away with using my ID.”

“Whoah, wait a sec... Brad is turning into you?”, asked Rick.

“The sexy version of me. Yes. You two can enjoy the reunion and get drunk with old friends while Amanda and I enjoy the lawn and garden show. You two can stay out as late as you want and relive your glory days. Brad will just have to do it as your sexy wife.”

Brad shifted uncomfortably as his clothes began to loosen up in places, but actually get tighter in other places. “Uh, how big did you make your breasts?”

“Oh, you’ll be happy to know that they will be getting at least one cup size bigger! You enjoyed your last pair so much that I’m sure these won’t be a bother. Of course, they will look huge on that short frame of yours.”

Brad now had to look up at everyone in the room. He was certainly close to five feet tall now, and still getting shorter. His breasts felt very compressed by his current bra, but seemed to have stopped their growth. He felt a seam rip in his underwear as it’s structural integrity diminished from the pressure If his growing back side. After another 20 minutes, he saw a very familiar looking face in the mirror in front of him.

“At least I can think straight again. I had to focus so hard on comprehending things around me that I just kind of gave up. It literally hurt my brain to think.”, said Brad as he rubbed his temples.

“There’s a suitcase upstairs that’s packed with clothes that will fit that body. You’ll find something special in there if you two are feeling a little frisky.”, said Sally with a wink as she walked over to Amanda in Brad’s body.

Brad cheeks blushed a vivid pink at Sally’s comment. He tugged at his skirt, trying to adjust the fit.

“Have fun! Don’t do anything we wouldn’t do!”, said Amanda as she grabbed her former ass, causing Sally to let out a surprised squeak.

Brad and Rick’s Evening

After a good twenty minutes, Brad made his way back downstairs. “These are the least revealing clothes that I could find.”, he said as he tried to lengthen The hem of his dress. He was wearing a sexy one piece red dress that accentuated every curve. The deeply plunging neckline showed an expansive valley of cleavage that barely contained his impressive breasts. He sat down on the couch as Rick looked him over.

“Well, this is awkward.”, said Brad after a long silence.

“Awkward? Moments ago I was a bitch in heat with a dog cock shoved up my canine pussy. I don’t think it can get any more awkward than that.”, said Rick trying to break the ice. Both friends began laughing at the absurdity of the situation. “I mean there’s nothing odd about a female dog having sex with another male of the same species. I’ll be the first to admit that it felt damn good in that body. From what I understood, you had a little adventure yourself.”

Brad nodded and began to relax a bit. “Sally really outdid herself creating this body. My last body was hot, but she would have gotten on my nerves in real life with that air headed voice. She was basically a walking sex doll. Sally has always been attractive, even without the modifications.”

“So you like to fantasize about my wife, do ya?”, said Rick in an over the top tone.

“I Am playing the part of your wife for the time being, just in case you haven’t noticed.”, said Brad.

“Then why don’t you go grab me a beer Babe?”

The tension seemed to break as the two friends accepted their situation. They turned on the TV and tuned into the Thursday night football game.

Later That Night

It was half time when Brad decided to go find some more comfortable PJ’s from Sally’s room. “There has to be something baggy enough for me to wear.”, he thought as he rummaged through dresser drawers. He finally found an extra large sweat shirt of Rick’s that would fit well enough. Although it was a little snug in places, the fabric was softer and had a bit more stretch. He tried putting on the top with no bra, but his unrestrained, monster size tits just flopped all over the place. He caught his naked reflection once again in the mirror after he removed the top. “Rick should at least get a good look at this body, even if he’s not going to get lucky.”, thought Brad. A bright piece of fabric in the pocket of the suitcase caught his eye. He lifted up a sexy red lingerie set that looked like it would give him better support. He’d just slip the sweatshirt over top of it. This way, he could give his friend a little peek and still be able to lounge more comfortably on the couch. After fumbling around with the top, he finally managed to close the clasp and get a good look at himself.

“Whoa! This body is amazing!”, said Brad as he thought about the differences between his last and current body. Sally’s ice blue eyes gave him a flirty look as he gazed into them. The reflection struck a sexy pose as she ran her hands through her soft, silky hair. He was pleased that her adorable face hadn’t been modified at all since he found it perfect as is. “Maybe Amanda will swap into this body for an evening.”, he thought as he blew himself a kiss.

Brad put on the baggy shirt that came down to his knees and headEd back to the living room to watch the second half of the game. He grabbed a beverage from the fridge and took his spot on the couch. He usually wasn’t a fan of hard cider, but his new tastebuds found it delicious and he was working on his fourth one.

The game ended a little earlier than normal and neither of them were quite ready to sleep. They were both having a great time hanging out and began watching a cheesy horror flick.

A sexy blonde cheerleader was running from the killer, heading to the basement of all places. She caught her top on a nail, causing her to leave it behind. Her breasts bounced wildly as she kept running toward certain doom. “Damn, that blonde is hot!”, Rick mentioned casually as he grabbed another beer.

“What, that skinny thing? She doesn’t hold a candle to this!”, said Brad As he gestured to his body with a flourish.

“Yeah, but she has a lot less clothes on!”, responded Rick light heartedly.

“Oh yeah?”, said Brad as he pulled off the baggy sweatshirt. “Is this better?”

Rick’s heart just about stopped as he gazed at the scene in front of him. He always found his wife’s body sexy, but the woman in the red lingerie was otherworldly. He tried to recompose himself as he turned his head back to the screen. “We’ll call it a draw.”

Brad feigned disappointment as he walked closer to Rick. “Well, it’s only fair that you at least get to see this body up close. He walked over to Rick and gave him a good view of his backside as he fiddled with the bra. “Her ass is nowhere near as sexy as this one. Now we have the same amount of clothing on for a fairer comparison.”, said Brad as he dropped the bra and turned.

Rick was speechless as he stared at his wife’s naked form. There before him stood the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. His wife’s features were all tweaked to perfection. Her already large breasts were enormous with only a small amount of sagging.

Rick reached forward to our his hands on his wife before he caught himself. This was Brad, not his wife Sally. “Can I touch them?”, asked Rick as his face turned crimson.

“Oh, why not?” Brad grabbed Rick’s hands and placed them firmly on his breasts. He was obviously being influenced by the several beers he had earlier.

Brad’s large nipples stiffened immediately as Rick’s hands gently massaged his breasts. Rick knew what his wife’s body responded to and gently tweaked his erect nipples rolling them gently in his thumbs, causing Brad to moan at the unexpected jolt of pleasure. Images from the previous night flooded his mind as he bit his lip and endured his friend’s gentle caress. He couldn’t see anything past his breasts. Brad reached out with his hands to help keep him upright and accidentally brushed his hand against Rick’s erection, fighting to free itself from the confinement of his pants, causing Rick to moan a little.

“It’s only natural for this body, right?”, asked Brad looking for reassurance before he went any further.

“After what I’ve been through the last few days, I’m certainly not going to judge. I’m game if you are.”, responded Rick with a smile before bending down to kiss his wife’s body on the lips. Brad’s hands now focused on getting Rick’s pants off as quickly as possible. “Are you sure Brad?”, he said as he momentarily broke away from him.

“Call me Sally. Let me show how sure I am. I learned a few things from that bimbo body I inhabited for the last few days.”, said Brad in a breathy voice. “I know it’s something that Sally doesn’t do often enough.”

Brad feed Rick’s belt and dropped his pants and boxers. Rick stepped out of his clothes and pulled off his shirt. Both “husband and wife” were completely naked at this point as Brad gently led his friend to the couch and pushed him onto it. Brad kissed his chest, his stomach and belly button, until he was face to face with Rick’s massive cock. He only hesitated briefly before licking it from base to tip. His hands joined the party as they slowly stroked his long, hard shaft. His soft, delicate lips parted to take in the top as he began giving Rick a spectacular blow job. He looked up into his lover’s eyes as he continued to suck. Rick was moaning loudly as Brad bobbed his head up and down. “Oh Sally! Oh YES! Oh God that feels amazing!”, said Rick, moments before cum burst into his partner’s mouth and down her throat.

Brad swallowed as much as he could,m and wiped the rest from his face. “Tell me what a good little cocksucker I am.”, said Brad as he climbed on Rick and dangled his huge breasts in his face.

“Gifted is the word I would use!”, responded Rick before he sucked on one of his partner’s nipples for a few minutes before disengaging with an audible plop. “Let me return the favor while I get my second wind.”

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