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Rated: E · Poetry · Nature · #2222921
The wind has influenced mankind more than people usually think about. Reviews requested.
I look with awe at stately trees
which gently sway in calming breeze;
And feel the wind caress my soul,
As if that was its noble goal.

Five thousand years have come and past
Since man first learned to make a mast
Then fasten it to woven sheet
Enabling trade in gold and wheat.

How many boats have plied the Nile;
How many men have sought exile
Traversing with their sails unfurled
The longest river in the world?

How much our lives have been controlled
For generations lost, untold
By winds, prodigious, in their might
Both soft and strong, both day and night.

What strength or force could man devise
Which could affect so many lives
As breezes with their cooling air
And hurricanes which bring despair?

How many generations past
Traversed the seas before the mast
Or ground the grain, or cast their nets
From sunrise till the time sun sets?

How great a role the wind has played,
How much of history was made
Because a fleet could turn and sail
And in so doing, thus prevail?

The Spanish, British, Portuguese,
Were uncontested on the seas;
They conquered foreign lands with ease;
By harnessing the wind and breeze.

Discerning, retrospective eyes
Confront past choices, so unwise;
The winds, benign in their first use,
Were later used for cruel abuse.

I watch with awe as wind conceives
To sway the trees with gentle breeze;
But never shall I misconstrue
Its power over all we do!
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/2222921-How-I-Love-the-Wind