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by Logan
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"Welcome to the Castle Barnard, Durham; any time of year, get your eyes checked here"
Castle Barnard, Durham - The Vultures

On a bright Durham A-road
Token beanie, no hair
With an excess of ego
Without thought, without care
After driving a distance
I saw a shimmering light
My head grew heavy and my sight grew dim
Thought, maybe stop for the night?
There she stood in the doorway
It was her birthday so
I packed my fam into the rover
Figured I could just go
So I went to my mothers
Country house out the way
Even though there was child care
Just a few miles away
Welcome to the Castle Barnard, Durham
For a family trip (for a family trip)
Rife with censorship
Plenty of spin at the Castle Barnard, Durham
On your wife's birthday (On your wife's birthday)
Let the loopholes play
A mind Corona-conflicted
I drove the Land Rover there
20 gallons per mile?
This time, it... ran on air
Isolated in the courtyard
Not a trace of regret
Some rules I remember
Some rules I forget
So I called up the PM
"Herd immunity's fine"
He said, "Um, er, um, stiff upper lip
Churchill, and thrice sloganed sign"
And still those pitchforks are waving so far away
Torches burn in the middle of the night
Let the commoners play
Welcome to the Castle Barnard, Durham
For a family trip (for a family trip)
Rife with censorship
Livin' it up at the Castle Barnard, Durham
You can test your eyes (You can test your eyes)
Concocting alibis
Mirrors aren't appealing
Gaurdian's give bad advice
"Here we prefer Mail Daily,
And some Sun would be nice"
And in a Rose strewn garden
Numbered 10 with Bozo the clown
Cumming at me with their steely knives
But they'll never, bring me down
'cause you see I'm not a member
Not elected therefore
Isn't that what you wanted,
To leave the union for?
"Brexit", said the right men
"means Brexit, through and through
"Just keep on doing what we say,
... but, never, what we do"
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