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Rated: E · Lyrics · Fantasy · #2222942
song; poem/lyric ≈ 130 words
saw a face in the mirror I did not recognize
and its ancient charm chilled me to my bones
thought I’d seen that smile before, but I did not realize
we’re a long, long way from home

weaving an intricate world wide web of deceit
look in their eyes and all you see are stones
six feet under the covers listening for a heartbeat
yeah, we’re a long, long way from home

and that ship is sailing
on the morning tide
false flag flying high
and we’ve been conscripted
pressed into addiction
cold hard junkies, aye!

big hand’s pushing fifty-nine, little hand’s on the twelve
ticking hand’s carving our karmic tombstone
pray we awaken soon while we still have time
but, we’re a long, long, long way from home…


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