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Rated: E · Lyrics · Fantasy · #2222943
blues; poem/lyric ≈ 137 words
I been a prisoner inside my mind
doin’ life without parole
I’m a prisoner of my own mind
doin’ time down in the hole
way out on the dark side
where the sun don’t shine my heart and soul

it’s a sad life I live here
‘cause I don’t know what I’ve done
yeah, it’s a sad ol’ life I live here
never knowin’ what I done
chasin’ down these shadowlands
hidin’ in fear everywhere I run

for the crime of just bein’ me
prosecuted in the first degree
locked up, baby, and lost the key
won’t somebody come set me free

well, I’m breakin’ out tonight
climbin’ o’er that wall ‘fore the dawn
yeah, I’m bustin’ out tonight
goin’ over the wall ‘fore the dawn
leave these memories behind
just my heart and soul to carry on


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