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A time and a memory from the broken pieces, a few glue marks but holding it together well.
" The Angel That Appeared"

I contemplated and debated my life as the path of my death stared me in the face.
Disgrace was clearly there and solitude was waiting for me at the bottom of the bottle of Absolut.
Also at the bottom were the cold waters of the bridge I sat on.
I watched the crash of the waves, breaking against the hard cement pillars.
I wanted each crash to be me.
My angel sat on my shoulders whispering in my ear that I should hold on...
So I did...
The Creator sat next to me that night disguised as a vagabond and told me that I would find hope along the path of my journey.
So I waited...
I'm so glad and grateful I did.
The Creator sent me the angel that once whispered in my ear on that one suicidal night,
the one and the same that walks with me at my side to this day.
I love the way I love, I love the way I live, I struggle and hustle the way I do,
with the knowledge that I can travel to the ends of the earth, uncap the Himalayas, comb the sand of the Sahara, swim the Amazons, find the Lost city of Atlantis and make it my kingdom
I'll do it all because I held on , because I found hope along the paths of my journey.

Just Hold On.......
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