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What the Anunaki feared we should too.
I need to get this down before I forget... I dreamed it last night and struggled to retain enough of the thread to explain it to my wife.

Anyway I was talking about the Anunnaki and made a connection about some of the stuff I have been listening to on the Internet, as it relates to Artificial Intelligence.

The claim is that mankind got jump started and bi-passed many millenniums of evolution is that ..."Those from heaven to earth came in search of gold." It was found in abundance, in South Africa. The Anunnaki followers of Enki, their leader, had to toil in the mines. After awhile the toil of mining became such a heavy burden that the miners rebelled. Works came to a halt. The Earth mission was in jeopardy. A solution had to be found.

Then the Nefilim chief scientist came up with a solution. He said, "We can create a primitive worker, a Lula-amelu, somebody who will do this work for us. The Anunnaki Leadership Council said to him, "How will you create such a thing?" Enki, their Leader, said that, and this is a quote from the text, "This being already exists. All that we have to do is put our mark on it." Then the text, in great detail, described the process whose modern parallel is test-tube babies. They mixed the genes of one of their young males with the eggs of an ape woman... and after mixing the two, re-implanted fertilized eggs in the wombs of some of their own females. (Prologue xvii)

The science for doing this, while inconceivable a hundred years ago, is by today's standards, commonplace. It's called In-vitro fertilization. If the Anunnaki evolved from a similar genome, then progeny from the egg of an ape woman is conceivable. However, accomplishing what is claimed with that alone, is not very sophisticated in achieving what they were after. I have to think there was much more to the process than represented above.

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