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by K.HBey
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Matilda decides to work in the hospital even though the COVID19 pandemic.

Matilda has been accepted for a position as an informatics engineer at the hospital during the great pandemic of the COVID19.
Her husband Gerard tells her, "Honey, please do not go there. I have my job and we get sufficient money to allow us to live for more than six months, I know that you have been waiting for this position for a year."
"It is a featured position. I will do a great job with programming as I will create a connecting web for the hospital. I love this job and this specialty", Matilda replies.
I have just sold three of my masterpieces and they told me that next week I will receive a check of one million US dollars. My drawing style always meets a great success as you know", Gerard says.
"Wow, great my love, we can buy a great house with a swimming pool and a garden", Matilda says.
"Yes dear, we will get a wide child chamber too for our bud Alex", Gerard says.
But Gerard, I need to work not only for money. Since I finished my studies I have been jobless. I love my job and I am ambitious and that is why you love me," she says when hugging him".
"Ho! My love! You should be careful. You should continue your research for another safer job," he says when kissing her.
"I will think about it," Matilda says.

In the early morning, Gerard receives a call from BATI_ART Company.
"Hello! Mister Gerard, we apologize because we are unable to pay you the check because of the pandemic. Indeed we have lost one-third of our budget and we have frozen all transactions. We will return you your canvases or if you want to get your money you should wait", the officer says.
Gerard gets up surprisingly, his green eyes are greatly open, his features show a big catastrophe and he says," What?"
Then he starts to master his emotions and says, "When do you think you will be able to pay me exactly?"
"We do not know, all is close because of the pandemic, you are going to take a big risk waiting for your money honestly," the officer says.
"There is a private client who wants to buy your canvases and you should travel to the south to reach him. Are you interested?" The officer adds.
"Yes I am," Gerard responds when his heart comes back to life and he sees a sparkle of hope.
"Please notify his address, Mr. Paul Richmond, 23, street Colorado sun, Texas City. His Mob is 6569 3001 7986," the officer replies.
"He is a great art amatory. He likes antiquity too. He is very wealthy and pays cash. Mister Gerard, I wish you good luck," the officer says.
Gerard says, "Ok thank you, tomorrow I will come to get back my three canvases".
The officer says, "I will open just for you at 10 AM. You're welcome".
Matilda says when getting up fast from the bed, "what's the matter, honey? Who has just called?"
Gerard replies, "Ho! Hum! Dear, they call me for the check. Tomorrow I will get it."
Matilda replies, "But why have you notified this address? I feel that something is wrong. Why do you seem very sad?"
"Ok Matilda, I can hide nothing from you. BATI_ART will not buy my canvases and they show me a private client in Texas who wants to buy my canvases. I will call him soon", Gerard says.
"Matilda replies, "It is good. Do not worry dear everything will be all right."

"Hello! Is it Mr. Paul Richmond?" Gerard asks.
"Hello! Yes, I am. Who is calling?" Paul replies.
"I am Gerard Anderson from BATI_ ART; they have just told me that you want to buy my three canvases. Isn't it?"
"Yes indeed, however, I should see them live and you should bring them to me before paying you," Paul replies.
"Please remind me of their respective titles. I like them," he adds.
"OK, the number one is entitled "The Cinnamon, the number two is entitled "The lost hill" and the number three is entitled "The spring meeting," Gerard replies.
"Perfect, which kind of painting and style of drawing have you used in these canvases? They are here stored in my laptop," Paul asks again.
"When we will meet I will reveal to you these details," Gerard replies.
"No, you should first respond to my questions please," Paul replies.
"Ok, I have used oil painting and it is the abstract concrete style. I have been inspired by both Picasso and Van Gogh. I always put a child in my painting to symbolize the innocence and the naivety of my canvases", Gerard replies trembling. It sounds like an interview on which this transaction completion would depend.
Paul replies, "It is perfect my dear Gerard. Would you please come soon? Because of the pandemic, you would be arriving from North Carolina to Texas in about three days. Have you got a car?"
Gerard replies, "Yes I will drive. See you soon. Thank you".
Paul replies, "You're welcome".
Matilda replies, "I thought that the transaction went through and that he made transfer immediately. Please wait, Gerard, where are you going?" Texas is a hot pandemic locality. It is in the red. Don't go there dear.
"Matilda it is two million US dollars. We will live like king and queen", Gerard replied.
"I should go lovely. Do not worry! I will follow all the instructions strictly", he adds.

Matilda has not slept the entire night and gets up in the early morning.
She wakes Gerard up and says,"Listen my love, we will go at my parents for a while until the pandemic ceases", she says.
"Matilda, we do not know how much the pandemic will last, we cannot stay at your parents' home for an unknown period," he replies.

"In the morning a day later, Gerard takes the road that leads to Texas. The road is almost empty. At the first stop, police investigate with him. Some routine questions are asked. "Where are you going and where is your home"? A police officer asks.
"You can call Mr. Paul Richmond in Texas, he is waiting for me," Gerard says exhausted when finding himself stuck in the police.
The police officer calls, "Hello! Are you Paul Richmond?"
"Yes indeed," Paul responds.
"Are you waiting for someone and who is he"? The police officer asks again.
"Ho! Please release Mr. Gerard Anderson. I am waiting for him next Monday and here it is my Address", Paul replies.
"Ok sir, Thank you," the police officer replies.

Matilda takes Alex to her sister and starts working at the hospital.
"Hello! Mrs. Matilda Anderson?" Raymond the headmaster asks.
"Hello! Yes I am", she replies.
"Are you ready to work here? Are you enough aware of the risk"? He asks.
"Yes sir, I will follow all the needed guidelines. I am good at programming sir. I worked for one year for the SIMON Company", she replies.
"Perfect, have you got children, madam?" He asks
"Yes sir, Alex is my son but I have taken him into my sister home where he will be staying there during the entire pandemic", she replies.
"All right, it is a good thing. Would you start today? We need someone who can fill this vacancy immediately," he says.
"Yes sir I am ready", she responds.
"Ok! But how much you want to get paid? I have suggested in my contract 200.000 US dollars/year", he says.
"210.000US dollars could be perfect sir," she replies.
"It is Ok. So would you please sign the contract with my secretary and she will show you your work office and colleagues there will show you what they need", he says.
"Ok sir, Thank you so much for the trust you have projected on me. I will try to do my best for this job", she replies.
Maria her new colleague says, "Welcome Matilda, we were really in need of you. I am an informatics technician".
"Matilda replies, glad to meet you too. You did a great job with the programming before my hiring. You seem to have some basic knowledge. Isn't it"? Matilda replies.
Maria replies, "Ho yes! I have started programming courses recently".

The evening, Matilda returns home and she is still excited by her new job.
"Hello! Gerard, where are you"? She asks.
"Hi! Matilda I miss you yet", he replies.
"I am in the hotel. It lasts two days for arriving in Texas", he continues.
"How is the trip lovely"? Matilda asks.
"It is all right! Do not worry, I will be home back soon," he replies.
"Have a nice night sweetheart", he adds.
"Have a good night too! Gerard, Take care!" She responds

Matilda feels alone at home. The house lacks a certain liveliness without her beloved and Alex her son.
"Hello Mrs. Matilda," Maria says.
"Good morning Maria"! She replies.
"The boss has just called after you and he wants to discuss with you soon about the programming project", Maria continues.
"Hello boss! You need me?" Matilda says.
"Hello Mrs. Matilda, I want you to present me your programming project now", the boss says.
"Ok! Here are the main topics of it. It is a standard platform project. I can conceive it according to the present data. I have been working for this project for one year," Matilda says.
"What are its characteristics"? The boss says.
"It is a global network that will link all the hospitals of North Carolina with all the USA hospitals and all foreign ones as well. I can extend its links as I want. I have conceived the set up indeed," Matilda replies.
"Ok! It is perfect. Let's me study it to evaluate the needed budget", the boss replies.
"Ok boss"! She replies.

"Maria have you got children"? I miss my son Alex who is at his ant's home. Matilda asks.
"I have a daughter and she left with her father for Mexico City during the pandemic. Indeed my husband works there as an engineer of communication." Maria replies.
"I am sad because my mother who is eighty is hospitalized here because of the COVID 19 contamination. She is in a critical state. I have visited her from time to time". She adds.
"Your mother has contracted COVID 19? How"? Matilda asks when she is completely flabbergasted.
"Ho! We do not know exactly. But doctors say it is because she is old and lacks immunity', Maria replies.
"Have you and your family's members been tested yet"? Matilda asks.
"Yes, most of my siblings have been tested. My brother has been tested positive but he is not ill he is a healthy carrier," She responds.

As usual tonight, Matilda is alone at home.
"Hi dear, how are you"? Matilda receives a call from her husband.
"Matilda I miss you a lot, how is Alex? Can I talk with him for a while"? Gerard asks.
"Ho! He is sleeping yet, she responds nervously. Where are you now"? Matilda adds.
"Ho! I am still in the hotel. Police have asked us not to leave until next Monday," He responds.
"Have you reached Mr. Paul to explain to him that you will not arrive on the planned date?" Matilda asks.
"Yes of course. Take care! Honey! Tomorrow I will reach you. Have a sweet night!" He replies.
"You are so dear," she replies.

When leaving Tennessee hotel Gerard feels fever and is coughing. At the next stop police arrest him.
"You should go to Tennessee hospital for assessing for COVID19 eventual contamination. It is about ten kilometers from here. Please follow us we will lead you there immediately?" The police officer says.
"You should be hospitalized because mostly you have caught the COVID 19," a physician says.
"I do not want to stay in the hospital," Gerard says.
Police establish a requisition for his hospital stay.
The police officer says, "You will do all corona tests and if they are negative you will leave tomorrow".
Gerard is in isolation at the hospital. He receives the emergency protocol treatment for COVID19 after doing all the needed blood tests.
"When will you inform me of the exact established diagnosis?" Gerard asks the doctor.
Doctor Philippe says, "It is not before 48 hours. Be cool, you will be all right."
Gerard receives a call from his wife and can't respond because he doesn't want to let her know he is ill. Later he sends her a message that tells her: "Honey I am all right. I am stuck in the traffic at Dallas".

Matilda lives a moment of anxiety and pain when her husband doesn't respond to her call. However, just a few moments later she receives the message, her heart comes back to life and she is happy.

Matilda comes to my office please, the boss calls her.
"Ok!" Matilda responds.
"I and the administrative staff have studied your pertinent project and I agree that you start the project soon. I will manage an informatics center inside the hospital. It will be equipped too with the latest computers that possess a high capacity. It will be ready in one week. I thank you in advance for your endeavors and for this adding to our establishment especially during this critical period. Good luck!" The boss replies.
"I am pleased that the project responds to your inspirations and will start it soon," she says.

Gerard asks the nurse," I have been here in Tennessee hospital for four days. I am not contaminated by COVID19? I use to get seasonal influenza with the allergy during this period."
"Be cool sir, soon we will get the tests' results and if yours are negative you will leave the hospital," the nurse responds.
"Good morning Gerard, how are you today?" Doctor Philippe asks.
"I have no fiver and I feel better doctor, can I leave the hospital?" Gerard asks.

"I have good news, your tests return negative today. Yes, you can leave soon. I will order your release," Doctor says.
"Thank you, doctor! I am really glad," Gerard says.
Gerard continues the road, the next destination is Arkansas.

"Matilda, how much time you need to finish your project?" Maria asks.
"It might take one month probably," Matilda responds.
"I want you to read the entire project because you are my collaborator," she adds.
"I have started to read it this morning, I wonder if the project needs one programming and one set up or more?" Maria asks.
"I have collected all in one programming and one set up," Matilda responds.
"I wonder because if a break down will happen suddenly in one link so it will stop the entire programming," Maria asks.
"Indeed you are right but each link has its one minus programming and all are incorporated in the ultimate gigantic one. So if one link is stopped it is just the minus programming that will stop and the general set up remains safe," Matilda responds.

"Hello! How are you, Matilda?" Gerard asks when calling to his wife.
"Gerard, I am very well, and you? Where are you now?" She asks
"I am in Arkansas now and will spend one night at the city hotel," he says.
"How is Alex?" He adds
"He is very well, he is sleeping now," she responds.
"Take care lovely!" He adds.
"Take care!" She responds.

"Maria, since we have started the project I feel somehow tired," Matilda says.
"You might be stressed," Marta responds.
"I am not stressed at all because the project has been already conceived before my hiring," Matilda says.
"I am thirsty, I want to drink more water," Matilda says.
"Would you like to be outside for a moment, you will be better if you take a break," Marta says.
"Yes I will walk for a while and returns quickly," Matilda says.
After half an hour Matilda feels fever and an oppressive breath.
Some nurses notice her and take her to the emergency; she is diagnosed infected by COVID19.
Maria comes quickly and feels deep remorse. Maria is a healthy carrier but she has never revealed this to anyone because she is afraid to lose her job. She is convinced she has contaminated Matilda.
"Maria, here it is my phone, please send my husband regular messages. I don't want that he knows that I caught COVID19, he does not know that I am working too," Matilda talks with difficulties.
"Ok! Do not worry you will be all right I am sure," Marta responds.

"I am in Texas finally and will return soon honey". This is the last message sent by Gerard to Matilda who is in critical state.

"Hello Mr. Gerard, hope you did a good trip", Mr. Paul Richmond says.
"Nice to meet you, Mr. Paul," Gerard says.
"Nice to meet you too," Paul responds.
"Here is your room, take a rest we will be in touch tomorrow," Paul says.

Maria calls his husband, "Hi Antony! I want you to bring me a certain plant from Mexico."
"Hi Maria how are you?" Antony asks.
"I have no time, my friend has caught COVID19 and it is my fault. Can you bring me that Mexican plant please and promptly? I will prepare for her some potions," she says.
"I will send it to you tomorrow with my Mexican friend," Antony responds.

"Good morning Mr. Gerard, let take the breakfast together and will be leading a discussion about the canvases, would you?" Paul says.

"With pleasure sir," Gerard responds.
"I would like to present you my friend John Kimball, he is an expert in drawing," Paul adds.
"Mr. Gerard, for how many years, have you been drawing?" John asks.
"I have been drawing for fifteen years," Gerard responds.
"What are your genres?" John asks again.
"Mostly I like the abstract, but sometimes I do concrete drawings. Also, I like decorative drawings too and I have worked in this genre for ten years with a company. I do mosaic, arabesque, and fescues too," Gerard responds.
"It is interesting, I have my gallery art and each year I do painting expositions, I want to invite you for next spring," John adds.
"Here are my canvases," Gerard says.
"Wonderful, it is a great job," John says.
"Sorry, can we leave for a moment me and John?" Paul asks
"Yes of course", Gerard responds.
Paul and John are concerting about Gerard's canvases.
After a moment they return happy and in Mr. Paul's hands a checkbook.
"Mr. Gerard, what is your price?" Paul asks.
"Haven't we agreed for two million previously," Gerard responds.
"I will pay you three million US dollars instead and we will have another job with you," Paul says
"Which kind of job you mean?" Gerard asks
"I want you to draw me a canvas per month and I will pay you half to one million US dollars per canvas," do you agree?
"Yes, I agree, It honors me," Gerard responds.
"Congratulation, here is your check and the contract," Paul says.
"Thank you, pleased to work with you," Gerard responds.
"I want to drive back home today," Gerard adds.
"I will take you back home with my helicopter and will send you back your car with someone, I know you did a harsh trip," Paul says.
"Thank you so much, it is kind of you," Gerard responds.
"My full pleasure my friend Gerard," Paul responds.

Being home excited Gerard says, "Matilda where are you? Alex where are you?"
He finds his home empty.
He calls Matilda's sister, "Hello Emmy how are you?"
"Hello! How are you Gerard?" she responds
"Where are Matilda and Alex?" Gerard asks.
"Please come home," Emmy responds.
Emmy makes aware Gerard about Matilda. Gerard cries and he is completely upset and says to himself, "When Matilda and I become wealthy, she has caught COVID19.
"Matilda, how are you?" He asks her from the window, Gerard asks her completely worried.
Matilda is comatose in the unity of intensive care and no one knows whether she will be reestablished.

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