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I speak in colors, I feel in music, I live in my mind.
When I was 10, I moved out of the real world
I had been contemplating it for a long time
And finally went through with my plans
I packed my cherry-picked memories
All my favorite emotions and ideas
And I moved into my mind

It was blank when I arrived
Just an off-white expanse
A canvas, and my thoughts were a brush

Slowly but surely, I made it what I wanted
I colored the air crystal blue
The sky kelly green and the sun neon pink
The ground I made pastel purple, and the water became translucent indigo

I made people
My neon-lighted twin sister
My wise and caring mentor
A handful of curious children to be my students
They all love me and help me
They speak with me and keep my secrets

In my new world, people spoke my language
Colors poured forth from their mouths
Painting rainbow stories
Feelings became so much deeper
No one limited them with words

Everything makes sense and people understand each other
No one fights, no one is in pain
And no one pretends to be above the others
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