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Andrew has a gambling addiction.
Game Over

"Hi! Andrew that's it we will return home for an endless weekend?" Jules says sadly.
"Yes, I miss my family a lot, my wife and my son Gilbert," Andrew replies to Jules.
"What about Rosa, Karen...?" Jules asks sarcastically.
"Jules stop please! It was just an adventure," Andrew says.
"What about Maya then?" Jules asks again.
"Listen Jules, it's my life, I like my adventures with women," Andrew responds.
"Listen, Andrew, I consider you as my little brother. You have been gambling with your money with women and poker and now you need the money more than ever," Jules says
"Money is spent fast if someone is not enough careful. Women, hazardous games and alcohol will ruin your life. You do not see your reality my best friend," Jules adds.
"I lost my brother because of this. He was killed because of a dirty deal with women, poker, and alcohol. I do not want to lose you. We have been together for more than fifteen years," Jules adds.
Andrew flushes and bows his head and looks towards his shoes. He finds nothing to say.
"Because of the covid19 pandemic we lost our jobs in Atlanta Air Company. What are you doing to do Andrew?" Jules asks again caring seriously about Andrew.
"Really Jules my job in the air company as a steward was my life. I am lost and I can't imagine doing another job", Andrew responds.
Jules adds, "As a pilot, I remember when first I was graduated; I had many dreams to travel around the world. Flying is my life".
Jules adds again, "We will be separated but Andrew I would like you to promise me whenever you find yourself in money need do not hesitate to reach me. Here is my phone number. I am a wealthy man despite being a pilot. I lead a great agriculture company and we sell many goods around the world. I have inherited this company from my mother. I am her only alive child".
"Thank you Jules, you are a great friend but I have enough money to survive," Andrew responds proudly.
"Good bye! We will be in touch," Jules says.
"Good bye, Jules! I will miss you," Andrew says hugging his friend.

Andrew arrives in Manhattan where his both wife and his son are waiting for him.
"Andrew I miss you a lot my dear," her wife says hugging Andrew.
Andrew kisses both his wife and his son and says, "I miss you both of you".

"Kim what are you doing with your job?" Andrew asks.
"I have lost my job too because of the pandemic", she responds.
"Andrew looks at her and he seems terribly anxious. What can I do with my last 1000 US dollars?" He asks himself.
"Andrew, are you well?" She asks
"I am fine Kim; we will be able to survive during the pandemic. I am sure," he adds hiding his fear.
"I hope so," Kim says.

After one month, Andrew feels himself in a need for money. It lasts 500 US dollars.
He enters the cirque where there is a poker tour with a magician. Andrew used to come and gamble with his money here but this time the tour seems different.
"Come to play! The game is open with one dollar," the magician says.
Andrew starts the game without any hesitation. One dollar becomes two then three until he earns 100 US dollars. The poker cards seem all good at each tour.
"I am lucky today", he says.
Andrew becomes excited and enthusiastic.
"Now stay or leave?" The magician says.
The magician explains, "Stay you will open the game with 200 US dollars and leave you can keep your 100 US dollars."
"I stay," Andrew says.
It is past midnight and Kim is worried. She calls Andrew for several times but he does not respond.
"Where is dad?" Gilbert asks.
Andrew is completely engaged in this game.
"Andrew will open the game," the magician says.
"There are 200US dollars on the table place your bet and please check cards," the magician adds.
Andrew is lucky and wins 400 US dollars.
"I think it is enough," He says to himself.
"Stay or leave Andrew? Would you gamble with 800 US dollars"? the magician asks.
"It lasts 400 US dollars to Andrew in his pocket and with the earned 400US dollars, this constitutes 800US dollars.
He says, "I stay".
A group of drunken men were playing with him and their laughers are heard from afar when they hear Andrew says I stay.

There are 800 US dollars on the table,
"Andrew opens the game," the magician says.
All the cards are changed and the jack pot is put on the table.
Andrew receives good cards again and wins 1600 US dollars.
It is 3.00 AM. Andrew is victim of his own gambling addiction.
He wants to play again. It lacks 1600US dollars to complete the jack pot of 3200 US dollars and Andrew has only 1600US dollars.
Even though he gambles with 1600US dollars and says, "Hey guys I will cut the 1600 US dollars from the next tour". As if he were sure to win the next rounds.
The fake cards are changed and Andrew loses the 1600US dollars and he is required to bring 1600US dollars that he does not get.
"Game over!" The magician says.
The drunken men, who are accomplices with the magician, take all his money, a golden ring and an empty check. They ask him to bring them money or otherwise they will kill him. They imprison him in an isolated chamber.

Kim calls quickly the police and his friend Jules. He is found dying, hurt and swelling and blood is released from his entire body.
Kim stays by his side until he is completely reestablished. Andrew has no money.
Kim spends all her money in order to survive with her husband Andrew and her son Gilbert.
Andrew says to Kim, "I do not deserve you, I have cheated on you several times and I am a dirty gambler. Shame on me! I am nothing. I lost everything".
Kim says, "Do not say this; we will start together from nil, would you?"
Andrew starts a new job as a photographer. He takes magnificent pictures especially during the pandemic and makes an honorable living.
Kim starts to sew medical suits for a great company. Both of them and their son gilbert arrive to survive.

Andrew receives a call from California, "Hello! Are you Andrew Bakker?"
"Yes," Andrew responds.
"I am Jules Anderson's attorney; he has just made a donation for you. He has offered you a house with a farm in California but he requires that you work there and you give him 10 percent of the profits. Do you agree?" The attorney says.
"Yes," Andrew says completely flabbergasted.
"Would you please come soon to sign the contract," the attorney adds.
"Unbelievable! A house! A farm! Wow Jules, you are my best friend and I can never thank you enough" Andrew says to Jules.
"Kim! We will leave for California. We will work for Jules Anderson, my best friend", Andrew says to his wife.
Andrew stars a new life there.
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