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A chapter in the book I have written about the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.
John records his vision of the four horsemen of the Apocalypse in Revelation chapter 6: 1-8. The four horsemen are referred to as White Horse, Red Horse, Black Horse and Pale Horse. These four horsemen will have power over the earth to bring the death of one fourth of the world's population.
There are currently almost 7 billion people on the Earth and if one fourth of them die that would amount to around 1.7 billion people. They will die from war, natural disasters, famine or eaten by wild animals.
He speaks of the four horsemen but then further in the book of Revelation talks about the Beast with seven heads and the mark of the beast law being implemented along with many plagues that will come about. All of this overlaps with the symbolism of the four horsemen. The events of Each horseman will lead to the next horseman.
The conquering white horse will bring war (the red horse). The war will bring many deaths, tribulation and famine. There will be a tribulation that occurs which will cause a famine (the black horse) and many people will die from the famine. The tribulation will bring the Earth to a Hell like state (the pale horse) where the world will be dark and depressed. One fourth of the population will have died and people will seek death they will wish they had not been born or rather that they could cease to exist (Revelation 9: 6).

The White Horse

The White Horse represents Conquering. The beast with seven heads and ten horns and ten crowns will rise up out of the sea and will seek to conquer the world (Revelation 13: 1 - 8). One of the heads of this beast will appear dead but shortly after arising out of the sea the beast will heal the seventh head that appears wounded. In attempting to conquer the world, "the mark of the Beast" law will be implemented. This will require everyone to take the mark of the Beast in their hands or forehead. No one will be able to buy or sell without having the mark of the Beast. The "Beast" in attempting to conquer the world will bring about war and famine and much sorrow.
I could give more of an explanation about the Beast with seven heads represent and the ten horns and ten crowns. I think this would only cause people to disbelieve me or disagree what I am saying. It may also cause people to try to stop or prevent the "Beast from rising out of the sea."
I would like to say that there is a pattern for organizations that seek to dominate the world. Nazism and Communism both had socialism and both of these ideologies tried to conquer the world. When they did millions of people were killed and millions more were oppressed.
Any group or organization that seeks to dominate the world will ultimately have to kill millions of people to implement their beliefs on everyone else.
The coming of the Anti-Christ (or false prophet as he is called in the scriptures) is written in Revelation 13: 11-18. He will take control of the first beast with seven heads. He will "speak like a dragon" and will have "two horns like a lamb". "Speak like a dragon" means he will be very flattering and a smooth talker. The "two horns" are obviously symbolic and could mean many different things. Personally, I believe this means he will have background in two religions most likely Christianity and Islam.
The two-horned Beast or Anti-Christ will perform many miracles even calling down fire from heaven in front of the seven-headed Beast and he will fool many with his miracles.
When the seven-headed beast rises up out of the sea then this is the White horse of the apocalypse. Once the mark of the beast law is passed into law people will either voluntarily take the mark of the beast or they will be forced to take it. It seems to me that whatever means to buy or sell will be voluntary at first but once the one world government takes control they will pass the law making it mandatory to take the mark of the beast.
They will have the choice to take the mark or be killed. Many religious people (mostly Christians) will be killed because they refuse to accept the mark of the Beast.
Obviously, this law will be contrary to the US Constitution so the United States will have to be in a dysfunctional state. The US government will not be in power to prevent the "Mark of the Beast" law to be enforced on its citizens.
When those who are sent out to enforce this law show up there will be many that will attempt to flee. Jesus says about those times that, "Woe unto them that are with child..." (Matthew 24: 19). Those who do not willfully take the mark of the Beast will be captured and imprisoned. Those who do not accept the mark of the Beast will see their wives raped, their children killed and eventually will be beheaded (Revelation 20: 4). Not everyone who is Christian will be willing to undergo such horrible events so there will be many who will deny Christ and accept the mark of the Beast.
Those who are enforcing the mark of the beast law will not be American citizens or will have disavowed the Constitution. They will be from Europe or Africa or the Middle East and some will have been born in the US but will not consider themselves Americans.
They will also be burning religious books, including the Bible. One man will pick up one of those books and read these words and will know the book speaks the truth and that what he is doing is wrong. He will have a crisis of conscience about whether to stop or continue. At this moment, he will have the chance to chose heaven or hell, life or death. To choose heaven is death and to choose life is hell.
The beast or Anti-Christ has always been associated with the number 666. Numbers have special meaning 6 is symbolic of incompletion or imperfection. The number 3 is symbolic of Eternity thus the number 666 is symbolic of eternal imperfection or eternal incompletion. It is Satan's goal to prevent God's plan coming to fruition and so he will seek to prevent that at all costs.

The Red Horse

The Red Horse represents the war/wars that will be unleashed. The beast will conquer most of the world easily since many countries will be willing to submit to the beast. However, the beast will then have to make war with any country or people that will not be willing to submit to the beast. The Mark of the Beast Law is not and will not be compatible with the US Constitution. Therefore, the United States will have to be overthrown or the country will have to be in a State where such a law will be allowed to be passed. Constitutional law, if practiced at all, will have to be secondary to the laws of the beast or World Government.
Those who belong to the Beast will boast of the power of the Beast and will ask who is like unto the Beast. All countries will submit voluntarily to the Beast and any that do not will have to go war with basically the rest of the world.
It will be individuals within those countries that do not want to have the beast will have to escape and find a safe refuge. It very well will be a time of immigration where individuals and groups of people will have to leave their countries to find a safe haven where they will be able to survive. Thus it will be best to be united in groups as Christians and/or Jews. There is safety in numbers.
There will be at least one country that will not submit to the Beast. This, according to Biblical prophecy, will be Israel. The seven-headed Beast will make a seven year peace treaty with Israel where they promise not to attack Israel and Israel will have to cease the daily sacrifice at the temple. 3.5 years into this agreement the seven-headed beast will break this agreement. The Beast will then convince the nations of the world to gather and conquer Israel.
The battle of Armageddon will commence. At first, they will be successful in conquering half of Jerusalem but they will begin to fight amongst themselves and in a final attempt to destroy Israel and the other armies of Gog that are fighting among themselves being drunk with power will destroy themselves.
The Armies of the beast or Gog will be destroyed except one sixth of the armies. They will be burying the bones for seven months and destroying the weapons from the battle for seven years. I would imagine that the weapons would be chemical and nuclear. More will be spoke about the battle of Armageddon in a later chapter. The white and red horses of the apocalypse will cause the violent death of many, maybe even, millions of people. Christians who refused to deny Christ and were beheaded and many others who die in the battle of Armageddon. The Earth will be full of violence.

The Black Horse

The Black horse comes with a pair of balances in his hand and represents famine. After the battle of Armageddon, there will not be anymore war. This does not mean there will be peace or that violence will cease.
A great tribulation will take place. The Bible does not state this using the word tribulation but it is used among many Christians. There will be a great earthquake. Jerusalem will not have a single wall standing and the city will be divided into three parts. This quake will also be felt all over the earth. We are told that the mountains will flee away and the landscape of the earth will be completely altered.
In the ancient world skyscrapers did not exist and the modern buildings we have now days were most likely unimaginable. The best way anyone could describe this would be to call it a mountain. Also after a large earthquake a skyscraper would become a mountain of rubble.
What I'm trying to say here is that when they say the mountain will flee away it could mean something else. It also may not mean that all mountains "flee away" but just that some of them do. When these events take place we will then these words might make a little more sense.
This quake will cause many volcanoes to erupt. Which will pollute the air to such an extreme that the sun will be darkened, the moon will appear as blood.
I remember one time as a teenager my family when on a trip to Southern California. We were driving around at night and I remember seeing the moon and it was not yellow or white but was a darker shade more like orange. This reminded me of how in the Bible it states that the moon would be blood red.
Because of the lack of sunlight, plant life which is dependent on sunlight will die off. This, of course, will cause a famine which will affect everyone including the animal kingdom. Rabbits, deer, elk, moose, cattle and all the animals that graze will begin to die of starvation. Once these animals have died off in great numbers, the animals higher in the food chain will begin to run out of food to eat. They will come out of the wilderness and begin to prey on the human population.

The Pale Horse

The Pale Horse represents Death and the misery or Hell that will come with the prior three horses of the apocalypse. The famine from the previous horse will then bring about many more deaths.
The famine will cause much of the animal kingdom on the lowered end of the food chain to die off from starvation. Once they have died off in great numbers, the predators in the top of the food chain will then come out of the wilderness and prey on the human population. They will also feed on themselves.
Farmers will curse God when they have planted their crops only to have them destroyed by a great hailstorm.
We learn in Revelations that the Apocalypse will cause the death of one fourth the Earth's population. This amounts currently to about 1.7 billion deaths. By the time all these events take place it could be over 2 billion. The Hell that will come after these events are described in the Bible as being very depressing times. So depressing, people will "seek death and will not be able to find it." (Revelation 9: 6)
Life will become a great struggle and not just individually but all of mankind will be facing the possibility of extinction because of the lack of food and the state in which the world will be.

Seven Angels and Seven Plagues

After the Mark of the Beast law is passed, God will send out seven angels with vials to pour out the wrath of God in the form of plagues on the people. These plagues will cause people to Blasphemy God but the people will still refuse to repent. Although the majority of the population do not repent there is the possibility for repentance so there might be some individuals who will repent.
The first angel's plague will be that of those who have received the mark of the beast in their hands or foreheads will have a sore (Revelation 16: 2).
The second angel's plague will be that every living soul in the sea will die (Revelation 16: 3).
The third angel's plague will be that the rivers and fountains of water will become blood. This will be because they "shed the blood of the saints and prophets" ( Revelation 16: 4).
The fourth angel's plague will be that the sun and that he will have power "to scorch men with fire" (Revelation 16: 8 - 9).
The fifth angel's plague was upon the kingdom of the beast that it "was full of darkness". They will gnaw "their tongues for pain" (Revelation 16: 10).
The sixth angel's plague will be that the great Euphrates will be dried up to prepare the way for the "kings of the East" (Revelation 16: 12).
The seventh angel's plague will be the destruction of the Beast and the Tribulation that will take place just after the battle of Armageddon (Revelation 16: 17 - 21).
These events are frightening. I have heard people claim they would not want to be alive or go through such horrible events. When I was a teenager my brother was reading about the Apocalypse and began telling me about it and I had a great fear come over me. So it is very understandable that people would want to believe they will not have to live through such difficult times.
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