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Rated: E · Fiction · Contest Entry · #2223022
Flash Fiction 5-29-20 W/C 300
Mystery Noise

W/C 300

“It was a bang.”

“No, a boom.”

“More like a crash.”

Morrie and June played ‘what was that noise’ for a while longer. Waking up at 2 AM to a mystery noise was never fun. Now they were too afraid to get up and investigate.

“What do you think it was?” June snuggled up to Morrie. She pulled up the covers.

Morrie put his arm around her. “How should I know?”

“Don’t you think you should go check?” June pushed him just a smidge.

“Why me? Why do I always have to check mysteries in the night?” Morrie pushed back.

“Because you’re my big strong man. You’re the defender of the castle. My knight in shining armor. My….”

“Yeah, yeah. I’ll get up. Probably just the cat. Or dog. Or burglar.” Morrie shuffled off to investigate.

Several moments later Morrie returned.

“Mystery solved?” June was still awake. She sat up in bed, covers up to her chin.

“Well, you’re not gonna like the answer.” He fell into bed. “It was a robber.”

“A robber? Did you call 911?” June jumped out of bed, grabbed her robe. She ran to the door, locked it.

“No need. I killed it. Dumped the body in the garbage can. Go back to sleep.” Morrie rolled over in bed.

“How can you sleep? You’re a murderer! You’ll go to jail! We have to get rid of the body. It’s evidence.” June was pacing the floor. She now had the light on.

Morrie groaned, opened his eyes, looked at June. “Relax. It was a mouse. The mouse got into crackers on the counter. It knocked over some bowls and they broke. I killed the mouse, put it in the garbage. The garbage men will get it in the morning.”

“No jail time?”

“Not for mice.”


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