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by Monty
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A Fable for The Poets Page Cafe. Com-on read a fable.

The tale of a ghost rider,
on a big black horse,
was resounding o’er the land.
Tom believed it not of course.

He saddled his white stallion,
and was on the move.
Tom was the village hero,
the story he’d disprove.

The last of these sightings,
was in the forest glen.
Tom was sure it was no ghost,
just that scoundrel, Ben.

With courage he rode on
nearly all night long,
until he reached the hollow,
and found he was wrong.

Now the cold hands of horror,
gripped upon his heart.
The hero he had been before,
now stood far apart.

His countenance was shaken,
down to its last fiber,
for there on a black horse sat
a headless rider.

The moral to which this story is told
is sometimes you may just be to bold
although you always want to be brave
It could lead to a too early Grave


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