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How does the weekend go for both couples?
The Next Morning
Sunlight streamed in the window hitting Brad in the face. He squinted and rolled over onto his side to avoid the light. The heavy weight on his chest immediately reminded him that he was in Sally’s enhanced body and he was completely naked. The bed shifted again as a strong arm wrapped around his side.

“Good morning!”, said Rick as his hand dropped to Brad’s hip.

Brad let out a content sigh and relaxed. He could also feel something else pushing against his cushiony ass. He shifted his hand behind him to find it was Rick’s erection pushing against him. “Time to put that away. We need to get breakfast and head to the airport.” Brad rolled back over to face Rick and kissed him gently on the lips. “I very much enjoyed last night. No regrets?”, he asked Rick.

“No regrets.”, said Rick confidently as he slid his hands onto Brad’s ass and pulled himself closer.

Brad smiled and gently grasped Rick’s erection with his dainty hand. “Damn, you have a lot of endurance!”

“It helps that I have a smoking hot wife!”, said Rick as he played with his “wife’s” nipple.

After a few minutes of foreplay, Brad climbed on top of Rick, dangling his breasts in his face. He gently lowered himself onto Rick’s erection and gasped. Slowly he started moving his body up and down, increasing the tempo as Rick played with his breasts. Brad loved the feeling of hit tits bouncing up and down as he rode Rick’s cock. It wasn’t long before they both orgasmed and collapsed on the bed.

“Time to get showered and ready.”, said Rick as he playfully slapped Brad’s ass.

Off to the Airport

Aside from Brad’s struggle with the seatbelt, the trip to the airport was uneventful. They arrived with a few hours to spare and decided to walk around a bit. Brad couldn’t help but notice all of the long stares that he was getting. Most of their gaze was directed at his chest and few of them made eye contact.

“Damn, these things are killing my back. I keep knocking things over with them.”, said Brad as he stretched his back. “You owe me a back massage when we get to the hotel.”

“I can tell you are enjoying this quite a bit. If I’m being honest, it’s been a while since Sally and I have had sex at all, especially as good as last night. She just doesn’t seem interested anymore. Except Memorial Day weekend, when she couldn’t get enough.that was an amazing night!”, admitted Rick.

“Yeah, well, I’ve got some news for you then. That wasn’t your wife. That was Amanda in her body and I had a similar experience with your wife on that same evening. They swapped bodies the first day that they purchased the medallion. Amanda confessed to me, and I thought Sally would have told you as well.”, said a surprised Brad. “I mean, I didn’t know at the time either, but if I’m being honest, it was a really great night! I’m sorry that I fucked your wife.”

An older man, passing within earshot, did a double take when he overheard the end of their conversation. Brad gave him a wink, causing him to turn red, quickly turn around, and walk straight into a wall.

“You’re a lucky man though. Amanda was a lot more enthusiastic.”

“Better than me?!”, said Brad as he poked Rick in the ribs but couldn’t keep a straight face.

“Come on. We should get back before they start boarding.”

Winding Down

Amanda and Sally has just finished a long day of walking the floor at the convention center and we’re returning to the room to rest. Amanda collapsed on the bed next to Sally and sighed. “I’m exhausted!”

“I hope you have a little bit of energy for tonight.”, said Sally as she cozied up on the bed next to her friend and ran her hands along Amanda’s husband’s borrowed body. “Want to jump in the shower with me?”

“Remember, we have plans tonight and I don’t want to miss out. It was extremely difficult to secure those restaurant reservations and the food is supposed to be amazing! So what do you think the guys are up to?”

“Probably sitting at the bar drinking and watching sports. The reunion isn’t until tomorrow and I don’t expect Brad to put out like he did for us. His mind was a lot more mixed up with the bimbo we swapped him with. He has his own mind now and I seriously doubt that they will be having any sexy time in the bedroom. Neither of them are quite that adventurous.”

Sports and Beers

Brad screamed as another orgasm rocked his body. The two friends had become distracted some time in the second half of the game and lost all of their clothes. Rick looked up from between Brad’s thighs after doing amazing things with his tongue. Rick had wanted to pay him back for his earlier blow job woth some oral magic of his own.

“Oh my, that... that was something else!”, said Brad as he said as the pleasure subsided. “As much fun as it’s been, I think we should get out of the hotel for a bit. I’d like to do a little shopping for this body.”

“Sure thing. How about we hop in the shower together and...”

“Individually would be more productive. We have plenty of time later and I’d like to see some familiar places. Don’t think this is the last time I’ll be borrowing this body.”, said Brad as he smacked Rick’s hand away.

Both couples enjoyed their time together over the weekend, but their time was coming to a close and would soon be returning to their normal lives and bodies. Rick and Brad were the first ones to head back and knew that the girls wouldn’t be back until the next morning, or so they thought.

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