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Big Jacks Story: [R.I.P. 5/29/2016]-His 8.5 year journey is over.
Born: January 2, 2008; Died: May 29, 2016.

Originally written in 2016

Big Jack came
to us in 2008.
He was very abused
and rarely ate.

A call came out
of the blue one day;
It was my sister saying,
“She rescued a stray!”

We made arrangements
to meet at 10, he looked
very scared thinking,
will this abuse now end?

I looked into his eyes and said,
“Don’t worry my friend;”
No one will ever
beat you again.

I picked him up gently
from my sister’s car.
He tried running,
yet didn't get far.

Big Jack and I
were finally home.
I let him free to
smell and roam.

Mama came out
in a flash;
Hissing and spitting,
chasing Big Jack real fast.

Mama didn’t like it
that a new cat was here.
She was the only one
and didn’t want to share.

We tried to explain
that he needed a home;
Pleading with her nicely
to leave him alone.

Once Mama realized
Big Jack was here to stay.
She took a deep breath and
told Big Jack, just keep away.

As time went on
Big Jack ate well.
He filled out his build and
became powerful as hell!!

If you messed with him
he was one tough cat.
He’d tear off your arm,
in 10 seconds flat.

We started walking him
to soothe his inner beast;
While he chased around mice
to have a bloody feast.

Big Jack would always
sneak off on his own.
He was still a cat
who loved to roam.

Then one day
his heart gave out;
Which sent multiple
blood clots roaming about.

Paralyzed hind legs
feeling like cold kegs;
He screamed in pain,
pleaded and begged.

We took him to the vet
wasting no time.
We didn't care about the
cost, we'd spend our last dime.

He rested in our arms
crying out now and then.
He was licking our hands
saying good bye my friend.

He looked so peaceful
now he was out of pain
but as his mommy and daddy
it was such an awful strain.

We finally said our goodbyes
on that fateful day;
We let Mitzy his love smell him,
so she knew he was going away.

It was 8.5 years since
we rescued Big Jack.
We all miss him dearly
for he was our most special cat.

R.I.P. My
dearest old friend.
For that day will come
when we all meet again.


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