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What we can learn from the Anunnaki in developing AI
Let me begin this discussion with some brief background. Zecharia Sitchin, as a young man, believed the word "Nefilim," had been incorrectly translated as "Giants" in the Book of Genesis. In those days nobody was supposed to question the bible. The King James version was venerated as the unadulterated word of GOD. Sitchin felt that a more accurate translation was "Those who came down." He taught himself to read Sumerian and derivative languages which included Akkadian, Babylonian and ancient Hebrew. From an early age he was something of a savant, showing unusual aptitude and skills in the language arts. He was well qualified to see the truth incised into the cuneiform script and interpret what he was reading. He might not have had all the academic degrees, but he was well grounded in the science of his day. He lived in modern times and saw flight, aerospace, semiconductors, fiber optics, the computer, internet and the cell phone. He was over ninety when he died.

A key to his understanding occurred when it dawned on him that the language artifacts he was translating referred not to mythology but to actual events. What was being described so lucidly by highly intelligent scribes was not the hocus-pocus banter of primitive hunter-gathers but rather an objective rendition of what these scribes had seen for themselves or gleaned by reading the texts of their equally qualified predecessors. They wrote about mankind taking the reins from a race of higher beings who'd reigned over the fertile crescent for thousands of years.

Indeed it was not uncommon for the Nefilim rulers to live for a thousand years or more. In a tablet that shows the accession of kings from earliest times, there is a succession of kings who commonly ruled for a thousand years or more. This is suddenly followed by human kings who did well to rule for a decade or more. What the tablets were describing was totally beyond the realm of comprehension in the 1800s when academicians successfully broke the code and began translating scripts that had laid dormant, gathering dust for tens of thousands of years.

The scribes wrote about things they experienced, witnessed, heard in accounts from their elders and read, etched into the mud tablets passed down from the beginnings of their civilized culture. An ancient civilization of space travelers, THOSE WHO CAME DOWN , about 445,000 thousand years ago, landed in the Persian Gulf. There were fifty (50) in the advanced party. This event is reported in detail and covered extensively. The Sumerians referred to them as the Anunnaki.

The Anunnaki had a ruling class called the NEFILIM. The Anunnaki were the rank and file. ENKI was a son of ANU, King of Nibiru, He was a Nefilim, and while the son of a king, his birth did not place him in the line of succession. He was a formidable commander and led the advanced party that first came ashore. He built the first settlement by siphoning off the waters and turned the swamp into lands suited for habitation. He also launched the gold mining operations and built a space port. For many thousands of years Earth was a profitable colony of Nibiru. Then one day the Anunnaki miners revolted in South Africa. They'd become weary of the harsh working conditions and when they could endure no more, launched a strike. The shutdown severed a vital link in the distribution of gold from Earth to Nibiru. ANU, the King, came to Earth and brought with him Enlil, Enki's half brother and legitimate heir to the throne. The two sons became rivals.

Enki, already had a plan for rectifying the labor problem but had to get official approval. This was to take an earthly hominid woman, fertilize her eggs with Anunnaki sperm, and implant them in surrogate Anunnaki females. The offspring would then be shipped to South Africa and become the new labor force. Some were skeptical but business carried the day and the go ahead was given. Enki's half sister was his chief medical officer on the expedition and put in change of the biological aspects of the undertaking.

So the stage was set for the most amazing development in the history of Mankind.

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