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Rated: E · Fiction · Teen · #2223067
The trials and tribulations of a teen's transition from human to vampire.
It was an unusually warm spring morning when Alex was heading to school then out of nowhere, a mysterious figure leaped from the shadows, moving in her direction before attacking her and when she came to, she was in her parents' bedroom feeding on their necks like a wild animal. Upon desecrating their carcasses, Alex walked into their bathroom and briefly looked at herself in the mirror; she was mortified at what her reflection revealed. Her teeth were replaced with fangs and her skin was pale and ice cold, she had become a vampire.

The following day, Alex was walking down the aisle of the supermarket when a man named Thomas approached her, requesting the time. She wanted to respond but she was distracted by his amazing blue eyes gently rocking back and forth; as nervous as she was, she had mustered enough courage to provide him with a response.

Darkness has fallen and Alex finds out that her boyfriend is also a vampire, the same one responsible for attacking her; she uncovers the truth the night of his surprise birthday party. The pair walked up to his house and as they reached the porch, she experienced a sense of deja vu. She was standing on a porch in the rain ringing the doorbell, when she is greeted by an anonymous person who proceeded to ask her if she needed some assistance, which she blatantly refused.

Flash forward to the present, she is in her boyfriend's living room celebrating when she is approached by a familiar face. It was her boyfriend's younger brother Matthew who she had realized was the anonymous person. While under the influence of alcohol, Matthew took it upon himself to air out his family's dirty laundry, including that they too were vampires and that it was her boyfriend that had attacked her in the park.

Blindsided by the truth, Alex decided to confront her boyfriend with what she knows. He admitted that the reason he attacked her was that he wanted to protect her from sadistic vampires who prey on the weak and vulnerable such as herself. They ended up coming to a neutral agreement and went their separate ways.

It's the crack of dawn and Alex is graduating from high school and beginning a new chapter in her life, however something is deeply troubling her. She fears that there are sadistic vampires lurking in the shadows both armed and dangerous. Alex and her support team are in the school auditorium anxiously awaiting to receive her diploma when her name is called and she holds in the palm of her hands, the keys to a successful future.

She eagerly walks off the stage and after saying goodbye to her friends, she proceeds to the parking lot before getting into her car and driving off into the sunset or wherever the "open road" takes her. The "open road" traps Alex in a bathroom stall of the ladies' restroom, barely unconscious with no recollection nor sense of identity; it appears as though she had been drugged. As luck would have it, she is rescued by a handsome stranger who takes her to the nearest tavern for a couple of drinks and explains to her how a group of vampires had spiked her drink and that he is her guardian hired by her ex-boyfriend to protect her from danger.

The end has arrived and as the final battle draws to a close, Alex can't help but wonder if she will live happily ever after or is she doomed to walk the earth as a lost soul in search of a meaningful existence; whatever lies ahead, she is confident that everything will work itself out. That may be wishful thinking because without warning everyone mysteriously appears in her backyard and are ready for battle but before anyone could make a move, Thomas interjects with a heart-warming declaration.

He not only apologizes for his behavior but also admits that her guardian was the mastermind behind the attack. At first, she did not believe him but upon overhearing the conversation, her guardian confirmed that his accusation was the truth. In addition, Thomas admitted that he still has feelings for Alex and that he wants to spend the rest of his life with her, thus proposing marriage. The following year, the pair were married and everyone lived happily ever after.
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