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Disappear into nothing
I have no idea who I am.
One day I’m this, the next day I’m that.
Some days I’m everything all at once
Some days I’m nothing at all
It’s always one pseudonym after another
I don’t stand on any ground
I sit on the edge of the fence
Either so that I can see what I’m dealing with on both sides
Or so I can decide if I even want to perch that fence
I find it hard to commit to anything.
I have no idea what I want
Some days I want nothing
Other days I want everything
Why even want anything at all?
Once a want is fulfilled, another hole is created by yet another want
And the cycle continues.
My heart is constantly pulled apart.
I hurt people without intention
Fighting for control of something
Then I realize I control nothing and spiral into a black hole
Otherwise known as limbo
Eventually dissolving into dark matter
And nothing more.

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