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Written upon the graduation of my oldest grandson from High School.

Congrats are in order, you’re surely the best
You're our first grandson to pass this test.
Now you are ready to strike out on your own
It's amazing how quickly you've become fully grown.
Please be careful and don't forget the rules,
Remember all the things you learned in school.

We, your grandparents, are so very proud of you
Watching you become a man through and through.
You seem now so big and so tall,
We know your life is going to be great all in all.

It filled both our hearts with swelling pride
As we watched you walk down that aisle so wide
Twelve years of study in a Christian School
We hope has given you all the tools

The tools that you'll need in the coming days
Facing college in a place that Christ isn't praised.
We hope you'll remember, though others lose sight
The sermon that was given on your graduation night
And not be distracted by the devil's delights.

Dear Connor, we're so happy you’ve reached this grade
But you don’t realize how quickly time will parade.
Now you’re an adult and out on your own
May life be filled with fruits of the kindnesses you've sown.

A beautiful wife and kids that quickly obey
A vocation filling your life's joyful days.
We hope your new world fulfills all your dreams
But most of all remember God is supreme.

When you're 30 or 40 -- so what?
Growing older’s not so bad, but
Know that the Bible is forever true
It’s life’s guidebook, through and through.
Follow its teachings, it’s never wrong
If you do this, your heart will have a song.

But someday we hope we will still be here
Whenever you're face with hard choices, my dear.
I hope we can help you find the right path to take
Because there will be so many choices to make.
People trying to press you into their mold
Trying to trick you and get to your soul.

And so as you close this chapter of your schooling
We want you to know we are thankful God is ruling.
We believe you want what is truly the best
And we know you won't settle for anything less.

God bless and keep you through coming days
May each one be filled with joyful ways.
We'll pray for you to be kept from all harm
And be forever away from alarm.

WE LOVE YOU !!!!!!!!!!!!

Your Grandparents
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