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Well-known performer and musician need to hide her identity in the school but...
Anne's POV

Hey I'm Anne McFlynn. I'm a well known musician. I do really perform well. I'm well loved by all. Kids, teenagers, adults and I think even animals, hmmm. Except they don't know my face. You're asking how? It's simple, I wear a mask everytime I perform. I don't use my name, which is Anne, as my screen name, that's gonna be stupid duh. What's my screen name you ask? It's "The Masked", pretty boring hah. Well whatever, I just do music because it frees me, you know. But then people loved it. So that's it.

"What the hell are you smiling about, freak!?"
"Holy shit, she's scary. "
"Ew, she's so ugly."

Andddddd tadaaaaaa, the bullies are out. But hey hey hey, I'm not the one being bullied ok? I have to make the perfect-normal-average-girl image I could make. I shouldn't be in the popular side, which my assistant/bestfriend said that's gonna be more easy for me, but duh no way. They're such bitches and brats. And of course, I couldn't also be someone in the bullies side, *sighs*. Ok so you're wondering now where the hell I am. I'm in the school, obviously. I need to study and the number one rule that I MUST EVER NEVER DARE TO BREAK is that to be in the spotlight. And I was like, wtf they wouldn't even know I'm the "The Masked", 'cause duh I wear mask. But my company said, better sure than sorry. So yeah, that's it, I still disguised myself to someone "perfect-normal-average-girl". I wear a black hairdo to cover my hazel brown hair that wavily flows to my waist, I put brown contact lens to cover my blue-grayed eyes and a glass to not fully show my face features. I also wear croptops, jeans and heels to not exactly be on the bullies sides. I'm pretty happy with how I look.

"OMG stop bullying her ok?"

Andddd, that's Hale Clayton. The angel of the school. She's one of the papyulahrs, lol. And of course shes pretty, with her skinny-flawless-body, hazel colored eyes, perfect lips, perfect nose and a hair that's straighter than the walls in my house. She's also a child from one of the billionaires Mr. Johnson Clayton. And her brother is one of the famous football player namely, Andrew Clayton.

"Hey Hale said stop."

Who's that you ask? That's none other than Ron Timber. The hero of none but Hale. He's practically just for Hale. Something like that, I don't really care. He's gorgeous by the way. He's also born with a silver spoon.

"Of course, the bullies will stop, and queenbee Ivy Dale could do nothing about it", said Risa my friend here in school. Ivy Dale, the one and only. A gorgeous model teenager with a mother who runs a modelling company and a father who's also a billionaire. "Let's get out of here", George said. He's so bored from these dramas everday in a hell----wh-wha-wha-hey hold your horses, this school is heaven for me duh. What? I love school, I don't get to work when I'm in school. Anway, we get out of there as soon as possible, before Ivy the queen bully started her drama acts. Me, Risa and George are walking now to head to our classroom. Until, "OMAYFUDGEECAKEBAR!!"

"What, what's wrong?" Risa and George said concerned. "I LOST MY DAMN PHONE!" I told them uNcaLm. "Okayyy, then let's go find it." Risa you're the best. But the bell rang so---"Oh, let's get to class first, before we find it." Genius George who can't miss and be late to class said. I'm like that too, but hey. MY PHONE IS WHERE MY HIDDEN IDENTITY LIES. You all gonna be saying, that for sure have a password or smthng. Yes you're wrong, it doesn't have 'cause I easily forgot passwords and such. AND THAT'S WHY I'M NERVOUS AS FUCK. Once they open that, I'm doomed. My new lyrics and "The Masked" name are in there. My bare face and my school works are idiotically also there. "I'm sorry guys, I really need to find it." I told them while running to find my phone. And as I am running ungracefully but fastly I met Ron. So I don't care about him, so I didn't give him any attention and plan to keep running but, the magic word "but" happened. He stopped me. HE STOPPED ME. So I was like, "Uhm hey? Anything wrong?". He just smiled beautifully to me handed me a phone and said "Goodluck on your next concert."

I was left dumbfounded. But I had to do about it quickly so I went to my assistant/bestfriend's class, because he also went to study here in Hamilton High. "Uhm, excuse me." I called to their teacher sheepishly. "What's wrong?" The teacher said irritated. "Can I talk to Mr. Collin Foster? It's an emergency?" I said while glancing to see Collin with a worried face. He basically knew already something was wrong. "Sure, go ahead." The teacher said while Collin already made his way to me. "What's wrong?" Collin asked while we're heading to the back of the building to make sure no one will hear our conversation. "SomeonealreadyknowsI'mtheMaskedandthatI'mhere", I practically said in one breathe. "What the fuck?! How come? Who knows? What do we do?" I calmy told him that I lost my phone and Ron Timber was the one who found it and clearly told me that he knows who I am. After explaining the situation to him, we called my manager Mr. Dee to tell him the problem.

"Ok we're gonna talk to him and offer him anything to keep his mouth shut." Mr. Dee said as calmly as he could while I try to be as cool and calm about the situation. Collin who's also one of the populars and a friend of Ron Timber were the one who called the one who's hopefully would not dare to unmasked me. Luckily he said yes, as he really trust Collin. He gorgeously made his way to our hideout/apartment. Of course he was shocked to see me and he smirk. He fucking smirk knowing where this conversation will head on.

"Ok, let's sta--"Mr. Dee didn't finished what's his about to say 'cause Mr. Ron "The Handsome-Gorgeous-Guy" Timber interrupted him. "I only want one thing." I roll my eyes while Collin and Mr. Dee asked me what. "I want Ms. Anne McFlynn or should I say "The Masked" -- I glared at him while he just continue, "to tutor me."

I blink once, then twice, then thrice. "What? You? Want me to tutor you? Why?" It's unbelievable because he's also great at studying and he has the angel Hale to teach him but he wants me? "Well if you don't want to then maybe I could just broadcast to everyone that their most favorite singer is a gorg-- I mean is here at Hamilton High studying." My eyes widened and tell him, "You wouldn't dare, you ass--" He just shrugged and continue to threaten us, "Or I could send them your true face with evidences." He fucking send my pictures to his phone. OMG WE ARE REALLY DOOMED. "Ok we agree." Mr. Dee, Collin and I smilingly tell him that while we all know we're trying not to strangle him and throw his body to Pacific Ocean. "Good then, I'll text you the details to where we should do our studying sessions." He said then left. And I just realized he also got my number. Great. Fuck him.

"I have to go, try to convince him to delete all evidences he have against us or if you can't do that, then just please him." Mr. Dee said as he was heading out to another meeting regarding my new mysic release. "I love you, you know that, no matter what happens, I'm here." Collin kissed my forehead then went after my manager. I just sigh and remember where I came from.

I'm heading back to a my rundown apartment when a man suddenly called out to me. He was smiling while approaching me. I was confused as to why he need to stop me from my rest. I'm a 13 year old who need to go back home. "Hi, I'm John Dee. You can call me Mr. Dee." I shake his hand and refused to tell him back my name. I don't really care. I just want to rest. I'm so tired from singing five songs in that party. "I'm just wondering if you want to start a singing career with me? I'm pretty sure you're gonna get famous in no time!" He said with excitement obvious to his face. "You can come with me to my house if you don't have anywhere to stay in to?" He offered kindly to me who nods my head as fast as I can. I don't really want to go back to that apartment where Mr. Stinky looked at me with lust and try to pick my lock every chance he got. "Great, let's try doing some work tomorrow."

After that, I met his son Collin who's the same age as me. He became my brother and he said that he's also my bestfriend and assistant. I don't really care so I just said ok. Mr. Dee adopted me and I slowly opened up to them my past. After the adoption and paperworks for me to work legally, we start making music. And the rest is history.

*End of Flashback*

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