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An adoration for Lone Cypress Tree that stands steadfast unmoved by sun ,rain or sea waves

by kranand

Oh my dear Lone Cypress, you are great

I adore your steadfast standing, "clinging to"

"wave-lashed granite pedestal" I quote with thanks

Christopher Reynolds, MCT News Service

"Like God's own advertisement for rugged individualism"."

Able are you to stand against time,

Rocks in shores  even are unable,

You withstood the onslaught of time

Oh my dear Lone Cypress, you are great,

Gained name and fame though

What if other cypress trees are symbols of death or life after it,

What if they represent mourning,

But you, Lone Cypress, got adoration of all, not for the symbol,

But it's for your victory over devastating cruel time,

Oh my dear Lone Cypress you are great indeed,

Look at me I neither earned nor maintained my individuality.

Morphed self by its aggression , wading through the ocean of time

Sinking frequently, benumbed often. gasping always,

That you never experienced,

Great is your tenacity, I adore, against devastating cruel time,

You stood anchored strong against time always,

Gained the appreciation of travelers, millions that visited you,

Still unmoved by their praise and adoration

Modest are you for us to emulate,

Great are your qualities, I praise always

Great is your tenacity, I adore, against devastating cruel time,

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