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While homebound with bronchitis, I had just suffered from a nightmarish demon encounter.
Silver Eyes, Dark Abyss

Dark Surrounds, my heart races.
Horrible images dance through my head.
Of all these nightmares of my imagination,
One stands out.

The enemy of life, and breeder of my fear.
White as snow, long and gone.
Staring through my only protection.
Pears with hollow eyes, pale white face
I am filled with dread.

From a firm flame, she leaves the gate,
From the birth of my terror.
Reassurance flows through my veins,
And I lay down peacefully,
Forgetting that wretched terror.

Time ticks softly, fever sweeps in.
Cold all day, burning at night.
Warm tea seems to only relieve,
The yellow phlegm from my chest.

Thunder roars from the chest day and night.
Not even the medication seems to help.
Sitting up, from a rest,
And notice something shining from the other end.

Glazed over silver eyes puncture the heart.
Long screw like fingers,
And the pale white face has returned.
Silver hair pulled up tight,
Swinging free like spanish moss.

Steps reach nearer, soon she looms over you.
Grabs the throat,
Squeezes it like a paper press.
Let’s go with bony fingers,

Staring at you from a sofa.
As you rest in your nest,
It’s not safe anymore…….
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