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Stay-at home orders suddenly end in the midst of the pandemic.
Thinking about the reopening of America, and Maryland, in particular, this morning, and the thought in my head is Lord please give your people a sign for when it is safe to leave the Ark!

There is a need for us to be cautious about leaving our home so soon after the "stay-at-home orders are lifted. The first dove released did not return with a green twig in its beak.

They keep telling us about the "resurge" and we don't seem to understand that they are setting us up for just that.

1. All of us are NOT going to practice social distancing (check out the beaches on Memorial Day)

2. Many of us will not be wearing masks for any number of reasons (don't have them, can't afford them, can't breathe with them on, they cost too much, etc.)

3. Practicing safe hygiene is not one of our strong points, so no hand sanitizer or soap and water just opens the door for sharing the virus

4. Getting tested for the virus just is not an option if I am feeling fine mentality

5. Some of us just don't believe until it is us

Back in the day, I often heard that God too care babies and fools, to me that meant the rest of us had sense enough to take care of ourselves.

So, as June 1 approaches, as the government tells you that it is safe to go outside, if you are not a baby or a fool, PLEASE wear your mask, PLEASE wash your hands and carry hand sanitizer when you know you are going outside of your home, practice social distancing, and m=remember to love thy neighbor as thy self so that both of you will be safe!

The second dove returned with a green twig in his beak as a sign to Noah that dry land had been found.

What will be our sign that it is really safe to venture outside?

The last word prepare today for tomorrow
1. Get some hand sanitizer -- in your purse, in your car, on your desk, and any other places that you frequent

2. Social distance yourself regardless of what the other person does -- your life is yours to lose

3. Practice good hygiene at all times, no exceptions
4. WEAR the darn mask!

Finally, stay prayed up, and trust in God. He brought you to it, and ONLY He will get you through it.

Peace and blessings always.
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