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by Gh0st
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My entry into the Daily Writing Prompt
At just one glance, I knew that she would be the absolute end of me, but despite all that I still pursued her. I know that many will not tolerate my persistence in making her my lover but still, I persisted. Some say that the road to hell is paved with good intentions, I say that it's walled and roofed with them as well. Sometimes I find myself wondering if the pursuit of her is truly worth it, and other times I find myself thinking the opposite.

"My daughter, I cannot condone this pursuit of Ms Aquila's youngest daughter. The fact that you are both the same gender is enough to cause our peers disgust. Furthermore, there is the fact that there is a 15 year age difference between the two of you. You have also aided her mother on many occasions and she sees you as something of an older sister, not a lover." my father stated, whilst sat in his office. Myself standing opposite him.

"I am aware father, but I have seen her grow into a beautiful young lady and if I can't have her, no one shall have her, I swear it." I stated, letting the darkness our family magic fights on the daily bleed though me. "I will take her as mine, or there will be hell to pay."

My father sighs heavily, looking 20 years older as he does. "Very well, I cannot stop you my daughter, but I have heard enough." He stands tall and holds his hand with the lord ring out. "I will need the Heiress ring from you. I cannot have my heiress go through with this, but I can let my daughter go through with this."

I remove the ring from my finger and hesitate in placing the ring in his hand, before doing so. "Very well Father, I will be back fo the ring in 20 days, this I state now so my intentions are known to you," I say leaving the room. He smiles at me and bids me leave. "Soon Diana you will be mine whether you desire it or not." I mutter under my breath.

I had departed from my family estate some 5 days ago and was currently planning on how to approach and kidnap Diana.
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