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Continued from part 1
You are now 12 years old and Connor is 10. You have gotten older so you understand a lot about life outside your home and often hear extreme language. Connor hasn’t yet, but he’s been picking up pieces from you. You stand at 5’2 since you are a bit small compared to your friends but Connor is 5’8 and is actually quite muscly. You are around the age where you begin exploring your sexuality but you don’t quite know it just yet. You still feel the older brother feel to Connor, but pretty soon you know you will lose it. Either way, Connor is your best friend and nothing will change that.

You play football often with your dad and Connor, Connor against you both. Your dad is only 5’7 so Connor is bigger than him by an inch. Obvious reasons as to why Connor is against you both. You’re winning against Connor 5-3 as you notice Connor take off his shirt and shorts (he does that when he wants to focus). You’re watching him do this and you see him in all his glory. All his muscles stretching across his body. Your dad doesn’t seem to realise, but you notice Connor sporting quite a big boner! He must be going through puberty already, due to his size.

“Why are you staring at me?” He simply states. “Uh, I’m not staring at you, there was a.. uh... a fox! But it ran away” you found an excuse. “Oh, ok well let’s continue with the game, I’m fully focusing now!” As he rushes to you to get the ball, he tackles you, feeling his boner brush past you. He must not understand sexualities yet, so you know as the older brother you need to take it upon yourself to teach him, not just yet though.
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