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The conclusion of the story for now.
I may try an alternate ending, but posting this for now.

Back Home

Brad and Rick we’re back at Rick’s home relaxing after a fun evening catching up with old high school friends. The girls weren’t due back until tomorrow, so they had a bit of time to themselves before Brad had to transform back. The plan was for him to wait until they were all back together to use the medallion to avoid having two Brad’s around.

They were watching the second half of a football game, but the other team had already secured enough points to be the certain victors.

Brad picked up the channel and started flipping through the stations while Rick went to get them a few more beers. He had flipped through all the channels a third time before he realized there was just nothing on that interested him and switched back to the game.

Rick returned with two beers and after handing Brad a beer, sank down in the couch next to Brad. “This game is pretty much over. Why don’t we flip to another channel?”, asked Rick as he took a drink from his beer.

“I already went through the channels. There really isn’t anything interesting on right now.”, said Brad as he took a long drink from his beer.

Rick grabbed the remote and took a look at the pay per view channels. He flipped through until he reached some of the adult movies. Rick looked over and caught a smile on Brad’s face. Not needing further encouragement, he settled on a movie with two participants and leaned back on the couch.

It didn’t take long to get the action started. The secretary put a cup of coffee on the desk, giving her boss a good view of her breasts. One thing lead to another and the secretary had her top off and was sitting on her boss’s lap.

Brad smiled as he matched the moves of the woman on screen and sat on Rick’s lap after removing his shirt. Both Brad and the buxom woman on the television dropped to their knees and began to slowly unbuckle the men’s pants, causing their erections to stand at attention. Rick watched the screen to get a preview of what was coming next. Brad, taking a cue from the porn actress smothered Rick’s cock between his breasts and began to slowly move up and down, gently licking the tip each time it emerged from his deep cleavage. Finally, both women deep throated their man’s penis and began sucking hard. Due to the magic of editing, Rick couldn’t hang on as long as the actor on tv.

Brad swallowed as much as he could, but the rest of Rick’s cum spilled out onto his breasts. Brad began to remove all of Rick’s clothing as he waited for the tv couple to catch up.

Brad, totally lost in his portrayal of the woman on screen, climbed on Rick and began kissing him. Frustrated that Rick wasn’t giving his breasts the attention that they deserved, reached down to grab his hands and placed them squarely on his chest.

“Oh Sally, that was so hot!”, said Rick as he tried to catch his breath. He could now hear the woman on the screen talking dirty to her boss.

Inspired by the actresses performance, Brad played along. “I’m such a bad girl! A naughty, dirty girl who needs a big, fat, cock in my pussy. Please, my pussy is so wet for your magnificent cock! Put it in me now damn it!”

Rick obliged as he pushed his dick up into Brad’s pussy, causing him to scream in pleasure. His tits bounced wildly as he rode Rick’s hard cock.

“Harder! Faster!”, demanded Brad as his pleasure built. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, He orgasmed at the same time as Rick. The two were so focused on each other that they tuned out the rest of the world and held each other tight. That’s why the sound from behind them caught them so off guard. A woman had just cleared her throat.

“Don’t be shy on my account. Please... continue.”, said Sally as she stood in the doorway with a very shocked Amanda.

Brad nearly jumped out of his skin at the sight of the real Sally and his wife. His face turned beat red as he tried to cover his naked body.

Rick, equally surprised, pulled a blanket over his lap and was at a loss for words. The only sound in the room was now coming from the television. “Oh yeah! Oh! OH Oooooooh, ahhhhhhh!” Said the porn Star on the screen. Rick fumbled for the remote and turned off the tv. He looked at his wife in Amanda’s body And finally asked, “How long were you there?”

“Long enough! Damn, I did one hell of a job with that body.”, said Sally as she admired her work. “Don’t get your panties in a bunch Brad. You two aren’t the only ones to have a bit of fun. Why don’t you two get dressed and I’ll go get the medallion.”

Amanda sat down next to her husband and smiled. “You’re more adventurous than I thought.” She reaches out for her husband’s much daintier hands and then hugged him. “I’m not upset, don’t worry. Maybe you could wear that body for me one weekend?”

Brad calmed down at his wife’s touch. “Sure, I’d like that. I’ve grown quite fond of this body but maybe I could try one that’s not so close to Sally’s.”

“Why don’t you keep that one for tonight.?”, suggested Amanda.

“I think I need to get back to my normal body. It’s been a confusing couple of days for me. If I stay in Sally’s body any longer, I don’t think that I will want to give it up.”, said Brad as he looked at the floor.

“I kind of know how you feel Honey. I’m not quite ready to give this male body of yours up. Perhaps we could try being each other for a while. Your body feels like it fits me better and I’m not sure I want to go back to being Amanda so quickly.”, said Amanda gripping Brad’s hands. “Let’s talk about it after we’ve had a chance to return our normal lives for a bit.”

Rick, feeling like a third wheel, left the room to give the two some privacy.

“Amanda... Please don’t get mad at me. I think I... Well...”, said Brad is an almost inaudible voice. I think I have feelings for, well, what I’m trying to say...”, said Brad as he looked toward the kitchen.

Amanda caught the look on Brad‘a face as he looked toward the room Rick exited to. “Ah, I think I get it.”, said Amanda as she leaned in closer. “Have you told him?”

“No, it happened so fast. This medallion makes the impossible possible. I’m not sure what to do. I don’t want to be male again yet. Maybe not ever.”, said Brad in a shaky voice.

Amanda held her finger to her mouth in a shushing motion as Rick came back into the room. The truth is that her and her husband had always been close, but the passion that they both discovered over the weekend had drastically changed their relationship. She was relieved to see that her husband was struggling with the same thing.

Rick sat awkwardly in the couch as he waited for the others to return. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, Sally showed up with the medallion and a pair of male pants.

“Let’s start with you Brad.”, said Sally as she tried to keep her true feelings buried. The truth of the matter was that even she was not ready to go back to her old body. She had grown to like the height of Amanda’s form and the confidence it gave her, not to mention being able to sleep on her stomach.

Brad reached out for the medallion and placed it around his head. “Okay, I’m ready.”, he said unconvincingly.

Sally reached out and touched him with the medallion, but nothing happened. Brad carefully grabbed the pants and set them against the medallion and waited. “I didn’t feel a spark or anything.”, he said as he sat down on the couch and waited. After 15 minutes, it was obvious that the medallion was not going to work.

“I don’t understand. Why is it not working?”, asked a confused Brad.

Sally smiled at Brad and walked over to him and gently grabbed his hand. “Sit down Brad. I believe I know what’s going on here. But just to be sure...”, Sally walked over to the bookcase and retrieved one of the collars that she used on Rick and asked for the medallion. After a brief hesitation, she touched the collar to the medallion, instantly creating a spark. “Well, you guys better take good care of me until I’m human again. I know we still have plenty of pet supplies. Brad, I do believe you are stuck with that body for a while. 9 months to be exact. You’re going to be a Mom!”

Brad’s eyes were huge as the impact of Sally’s words hit him. “But how is that possible?!”

Sally laughed as hair sprouted all over her face. “Do we really need to have that talk? Birth control isn’t 100% effective. There’s always a chance.”

“I’m, I’m... pregnant?”, said Brad as he looked toward Rick. “That means... oh my...”

“Once I’m ready to turn back, I guess that I’ll need a new identity.”, said Sally as she fell to all fours. “We should talk this over. At least you three should. I’ll just bark once for “yes” and two for “no”. Just make sure I get those pills so I don’t end up with a litter of puppies.”, said Sally as her tongue hung out further as she shed some of her clothing.

The four of them spent the next hour figuring out how they were going to handle Brad’s pregnancy. Brad decided that he would take on Sally’s identity for life. Sally never wanted to be a Mom, and Brad just wanted to live his life happily married to his best friend Rick, who not surprisingly, was also on board. Amanda decided to try out being a man, at least for the time being, and stay in Brad’s male body. That would let Sally stay in Angela’s body and live with her for the time being. She was optimistic that things would work out well with Amanda so she could stay in her body for good. For now, she would be happy to take a break from humanity and spend a couple of days as the family pet.


Brad, now going by his body’s name, Sally, had just sat down when the baby started crying. She reluctantly got back up to go breast feed her hungry 1 month old. Her already large breasts were now ridiculously huge And heavy with milk. “I’ll get this one. You just rest there Honey.”, said Sally to the woman with the equally sized breasts who was lying on the couch. “You’re the best husband in the world for helping out with the breast feeding. I’ll have to give you a little reward once she goes to sleep tonight.”

Rick’s female body returned the smile to his wife. “You weren’t kidding about your back issues. I’ve only been a woman for a few hours and I feel like I need a cart to push these monsters around!”

Sally had only been gone for a few minutes when the doorbell rang. Rick slowly got up off of the couch and made his way to the front door. He saw Brad (formerly Amanda) and Amanda (formerly Sally) waiting at the door with a few wrapped packages. “Come on in.”, said Rick as he moved away from the door.

“Whoah! I know you like Sally’s breasts but I didn’t think you’d get a pair of your own!”, said Amanda to her former husband as she handed him an arm full of gifts. “We were hoping to borrow the medallion for the weekend, but it looks like you may need it soon. We’ll just change before we go.”

“Go ahead and take it. I can manage until Monday. Besides, Sally promised to show me a good time tonight if Sarah can manage to sleep for more than an hour. So where are you headed?”

“Well, we’re going to turn into a pair of college age students and hit the beach for the weekend. There’s a big party lined that we were invited to when we were in those bodies a few weeks ago. It’s going to be a blast!”, said Brad.

“When we get back, you should let us babysit for a few days so you two can go out and have an adventure.”, said Amanda.

“I already have something in mind!”, said Rick with a big smile. “I just need to make sure that Sally is on board.”

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