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Rated: 13+ · Chapter · Erotica · #2223265
Continued from part 4
—Connor’s perspective—

I woke up to myself feeling a bit bigger. I had a bit of a dream session I think since I have a slight boner. That would’ve been awkward if Sean had seen but at least he is asleep. I walk around the room as I put my clothes on. Mom and dad aren’t home for at least another month, they went on a business trip. At least they left a lot of food for me and Sean, even with my big appetite. Even though I’m bigger than Sean in every way, I still see him as my older brother. I even see him as a best friend. My whole body aches for some reason.

As I look through the fridge for some milk, I see Sean woke up. “Hey Connor how goes it?” He says to me. He seems smaller. “Not bad, but my whole body aches for some reason, especially my legs and feet.” I sigh. “Yeah you grew last night! It’s been a while, you often grow every 2 weeks but you haven’t had one for a month!” Me and Sean had a tradition. Every time I grew, we would compare each other to see how everything changed.

First we compared our heights. I could look over him completely now! He only stood up to my shoulder. Next we compared our hand sizes. Mine were double his and could completely wrap around them! Even though I’m big, my hands and feet were big for me. Next we compared our feet. He laid across from me and took off his socks as I did the same. He only had size 3 feet since he was small for his age, not just to me. His feet only went up to the middle of my foot! My feet were over double his size! “Wow Sean, you are really small!” I laughed at him. “Don’t blame me, you’re just big!” He snapped back at me. I just laughed at him. I love my brother with all my heart. I couldn’t imagine going through this without him.

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