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This part of my story introduces the characters and starts the main plot of the story.
The Drawing World Elementals: The Tragedy of Flameza


• The Five Guards
o Princess Arunika Aerwyna of the Realm of Elements sent a small guard squad to protect a powerful super weapon known as the Everdagger. Five guards are unfortunately not enough to protect some super weapon from being stolen, especially from bloodthirsty monsters such as Death.

• Death
o Death is the bloodiest exiled elemental villain who massacres large groups of innocent people around the world for a living. No matter who tries to stop him, he will always swipe a victory, especially with the best and strongest weapons.

• The Messenger
o The messenger is the person who carries messages to and from the Princesses at the Royal Elemental Castle.

• Arunika Aerwyna
o Arunika Aerwyna is the princess of the sun and the first and main princess of the Realm of Elements. The three Royal Sisters – Arunika, Lucine, and Nova – are not the only princesses that rule the Realm of Elements; there are actually seven Princesses of the Realm of Elements in total. Dayana Jade is the princess of healing, whose cousin named Ivy Primrose committed treason towards the entire family and join the X Enders; Marilee Adelpha is the princess of peace, love, and marriage; Amanda Meadows is the princess of vegetation and rebirth; and Eos Senera is the princess of time. On the day that Ignatius Brenton and the X Enders destroyed Marama’s Blue-Moon Amulet and murdered his best friend, Lucian Elior, Arunika completely stripped those evil gangsters of all their magic and banished them from the Realm of Elements.

• Lucine Aerwyna
o Lucine Aerwyna is the princess of the moon and the second princess of the Realm of Elements. Not only is Lucine in charge of the moon, she can also enter people’s dreams, but she mainly enters their nightmares if they’re in trouble. There is nothing the other princesses can do to help her, however.

• Nova Aerwyna
o Nova Aerwyna is the princess of the stars and the third princess of the Realm of Elements who can control the stars, predict the future, and restore broken or destroyed amulets and artifacts. When three human explorers – Lucas Quincy, Trey Asphalt, and Kenji Zimokoru – find the ten pieces of the Blue Moon Amulet at Tidal Falls in the human world, Nova restores the amulet and returns it to Marama Ramachandra.

• Hypnomind Kinesis
o Hypnomind Kinesis is the nearly-omniscient, talkative, and intelligent 17-year-old spirit elemental who always has faith and hope in his friends, including his older brother Psygene. He is always complaining, however, about the X Enders and concerned about his friends’ safety, peace, and harmony mostly because he cares about them and will never let them go. Hypnomind does not only have one brother, he also has an older sister named Minerva, who is currently in college.

• Psygene Kinesis
o Psygene Kinesis is Hypnomind’s 24-year-old brother who is extravagantly intelligent and can solve any situation at hand. Whenever his little brother is having any tricky situations about anything at all, Psygene will always be with him to help the best he can. However, with their parents gone and their sister, Minerva, at college, Psygene would be the only elemental to help Hypnomind, unless they call for more friends to help. Psygene is basically one of the smartest elementals in the Realm of Elements, especially as Hypnomind’s older brother.

• Flameza (flaym-zuh) Torriscald
o Flameza Torriscald is a 19-year-old adventurous, hot-headed, stubborn, and determined fire elemental, also known as the hero of the Realm of Elements. When he was nine years old, a dreaded and destructive dragon named “Ziryukari” terrorizes Elemental City. There was no hero who defeat that mighty beast, but when Flameza’s parents tossed him a light enchanted sword that can penetrate dragon scales, he throw it right at Ziryukari’s heart, defeats it, and saves the city. As a reward for defeating the terrifying dragon and saving the day, Princess Arunika Aerwyna gives Flameza the Elemental Hero Badge.
o Flameza unfortunately has had a rough life in his childhood ever since he saved the city from Ziryukari. He tried to persuade his classmates to believe in him about his heroic actions and trust him, but the harder he tried, the less he fit in because everyone thinks he’s a weirdo, which makes him sad. For years, Flameza was a misfit like some of his other friends, including Lavia, Leafy, Antimony, Marama, Hypnomind, Aerial, Bay, Coral, Illumina, Kilotón, Ratchet, etc.

• Lavia (lah-vee-uh) Scensear
o Lavia Scensear is Flameza’s 17-year-old sensitive and emotional best friend and a blue elemental of fire. She is always by Flameza’s side whether she’s going on adventures with him, hanging out with friends, or going on vacation. They somehow almost seem to be in more of a romantic relationship than a normal friendship when they got older. When Lavia was five years old, she was being bullied by incompetent jerks, and Flameza, who was seven years old at that time, saved her life.

• Ignatius Brenton
o Ignatius Brenton is the leader and head of the greatest, darkest, and most notorious elemental villains of all time known as the X Enders. Ever since his childhood, he has always been so rebellious, especially towards his own family, that he has been banished from the Realm of Elements so many times, and he’s always been coming back. At the age of five, he was banished to “The Wall,” where some of the most cunning and notorious criminals get locked up. Ten years later, he meets Duskdy Dhicertas, and they both escaped the high-security prison together. When they returned to the Realm of Elements for revenge, Ignatius mercilessly massacres his own family and meets Ivy Primrose, Zephyr Noelani, Gaia Ravens, and Bayou Darya.

• Ivy Primrose
o Ivy Primrose is the second member and the healer of the X Enders. She is the treacherous younger cousin of Princess Dayana Jade and Denver Jade who coveted the position to become a princess of the Realm of Elements. Since Ivy was so ambitious to steal Dayana’s position that she murdered her parents, Ivy was cast out of the family for her unforgivable crime for good. Thinking that killing family members other anything is for the better, she joins the X Enders to get revenge on not just her entire family, but on everyone in Elemental City for her banishment.

• Zephyr Noelani
o Zephyr Noelani is the third member of the X Enders who is best at fighting in midair and wrecking parties. Before Zephyr became evil, he was invited to a birthday party of an old friend of his, but he somehow rudely refused to show up to the party without telling anyone. Everyone at the party was horribly humiliated as a result, but the birthday elemental was more embarrassed than anyone else. The next day, all of Zephyr’s friends get angry at him for not showing up to the party and wanted to end their friendships with him. Zephyr did not care at all, however, about the consequences of turning down invitations to anything, especially birthday parties. From then on, Zephyr reveals his true colors to all his friends and betrays them by tossing an air bomb at them, laughs maniacally, and worst of all, decides not to value friendship at all anymore. Later on, Zephyr’s actions of remorselessly wrecking parties had impressed Ignatius when he and Duskdy returned from “The Wall,” so Ignatius decides to recruit Zephyr as a new X Ender, and Zephyr gladly accepts.

• Gaia Ravens
o Gaia Ravens is the fourth member of the X Enders who has the extreme ability to cause intense earthquakes, make volcanoes erupt, and destroy mountains. With her highly destructive powers, Gaia can very much tear her victims apart limb from limb, crush her victims’ skulls, bend thick steel, and raze tall and sturdy buildings. On the day when Zephyr was invited to a birthday party and turned it down, Gaia tore down the building where the party was held. Zephyr was really proud of Gaia for demolishing this building, and then she became an X Ender after inspiring Ignatius Brenton for demolishing buildings and destroying famous landmarks.

• Duskdy Dhicertas
o Duskdy Dhicertas is the fifth member and summoner of the X Enders who has a corrupted arm with dark and destructive power. Although Duskdy is the first person that Ignatius meets, he had himself be one of the last and most important members in the gang. Duskdy has a corrupted and cursed arm with extremely powerful and dark magic, and he got it from King Florine when he had him as a guinea pig for one of his evil experiments. When Duskdy first got his arm cursed, he was in pain and angry at King Florine at first, but as the years passed, he somehow got used it.

• Bayou Darya
o Bayou Darya is the sixth and last member of the X Enders who can form giant tsunamis, causing loads of destruction everywhere, especially on tiny, desolate islets in the ocean. With the ability to breathe underwater, Bayou has threatened thousands of sea creatures under the sea for no reason. She’s been secretly hunting sharks, whales, dolphins, crabs, lobsters, etc. until she got arrested by the elemental police and convicted. For all the aquatic species she has deliberately endangered for no reason, Bayou’s crimes have inspired Ignatius Brenton to massacre innocent people and wildlife, so he gladly invited her to the gang of evil and destruction.

• Aerial Ozones
o Aerial Ozones is an 18-year-old air elemental who can stand up for her friends and reach out for them in any situation. She is always dreaming about touching the sky and concerned about her friends when they’re in any uncomfortable situation. She has a younger named Rainbow is always so hot that she almost always exposes herself to cool off, whether she’s going swimming, flying or floating in the air, wandering in the woods, near any body of water, at Laguna Beach Island, or even in cold conditions. Whatever you do, do not ask Aerial or her sister of she really is a nudist because she does not practice nudity for anything. Aerial would sometimes be forced to expose herself if she wants to do anything with Rainbow at all; if she does, she would have to.

• Yukio Lixue
o Yukio Lixue is a stubborn 20-year-old ice elemental who is phenomenally skilled in martial arts, yoga, meditation, and making frozen desserts such as ice-cream and frozen yogurt. Everyone thinks he might be skilled enough to teach a class on how to do all of those things, but Yukio has absolutely no use or skills of teaching anyone or running any sort of business at all, so he’s pretty much independent. If anyone offers Yukio to show or demonstrate how he makes his frozen desserts, he would immediately turn down the offer. He will not even tell anyone how he can do all of the things he’s good at, so don’t even ask.

• Electrass
o Electrass is a grassy and electrical elemental who is very light on his feet and capable of growing a garden with his flash of light. His name is basically the combination of two words: “electric” and “grass.” No one can imagine how Electrass can win at a staring contest, power and fix any electrical systems or circuits, or even resist being electrocuted. He’s no pushover, and he will not let anything stop him from doing what he’s best at.

• Nievuelo Vale
o Nieveulo Vale is an independent and introspective 15-year-old earth and ice elemental who is always thinking outside the box and relying on himself somewhat over everyone else. In the winter, Nievuelo will try to make the best snowman he can, but it will always fall apart and collapse. Sometimes before he could even finish his snowmen, this would make him sad. In the summer, Nievuelo has that same problem when making giant sand castles at the beach.

• Leafia Blossom
o Leafia Blossom is an athletic and intelligent 17-year-old life elemental who is always dreaming of becoming a world-famous athlete without letting anything stop her from reaching for goals. She has gotten hurt a bunch of times and broken a few bones, but that still doesn’t stop her from trying.

• Leafy Jungle
o Leafy Jungle is a 13-year-old life elemental who is modest, creative, imaginative, and always dreaming of sharing his art talent around the world. When Leafy was in elementary magic school, he tried to express some kindness and get his classmates to like his art style, but the harder he tried, the less support he got. Rather than appreciate Leafy’s unique and creative style, his classmates tease and torment him at every chance they get thanks to his rival, Brooklyn Lilith. One day, feeling humiliated and unappreciated for absolutely no reason, he meets a girl named Lapis Lazuli, who helps him the best she could. As years passed, Leafy lets go of his horrible past and becomes a really talented artist. Since Lapis helped him a lot, she tries working with Leafy on some of his art projects, and it worked out well.

• Tikili (tee-kil-lee) Spearmint
o Tikili Spearmint is a shy and laid-back 13-year-old life elemental who loves minty stuff and wants to stay clean and fresh. With help from his parents, he can make fresh mints and toothpaste, as long as they use their mints and herbs wisely.

• Pitch, White Pitch, Light Grey Pitch, Dark Grey Pitch, and Black Pitch
o Pitch, White Pitch, Light Grey Pitch, Dark Grey Pitch, and Black Pitch are a group of minions who work for King Florine to kidnap innocent people and force them to work for them inside a giant battleship at Mercury Oceans. Pitch is the leader of the group, and he can create a thick mist of darkness and make living beings out of his mist. White Pitch is a black belt who can create and breathe fire, sometimes using it to cause destruction. Light Grey Pitch can read and control people’s minds, hypnotize them, and use telekinesis to create a lot of mischief. Dark Grey Pitch is a cyborg who uses some sort of blades that act like boomerangs from which he can conjure evil spirits out of nowhere. Lastly, Black Pitch has deadly electrical powers from which he can release 10,000 volts of electricity at a time, which will surely kill a lot of people.

• Bob Flintz, Roberto Caspian, Kylie Ghadir, Foster Drakon, and Lillie Chiara
o Bob Flintz, Roberto Caspian, Kylie Ghadir, Foster Drakon, and Lillie Chiara are a group of five best friends who can free their friends from captivity together and take out the bad guys who captured them. Bob is a fire elemental with a dynamic and aggressive personality to arouse and cheer for everyone who looks up to him. Roberto is a water and earth elemental who is really a big softie. Kylie is a life elemental who can heal sick or injured people, but she can’t bring any dead people back to life. Foster is a shadow elemental who can read and understand mysterious runes and foreign languages instantly, and he can create a mist of darkness around areas with bad guys around and use that mist to make living beings to attack them. Lastly, Lillie is a plasma and spirit elemental who can use telekinesis and electricity to take out any bad guys around her.

• Netherrack
o Netherrack is the first captain of the Nether destruction force of Nether Islands with Netherball as his lieutenant. Whenever Flameza and his friends return home from their adventures, Netherrack gets a call from his ruler, Netherghost, who receives a message from King Florine saying that one of his minions is dead. At that point, Netherghost sends Netherrack, Netherball, and Frostmancer from Permafrost Fjords to track down the elemental hero. Although Netherrack is powerful and wise, he sometimes just chats with the heroes to express his disappointment to them. Other times, he asks the heroes to fight him, but some are too scared to fight some monster as scary and powerful as he is.

• Netherball
o Netherball is Netherrack’s lieutenant of the first Nether destruction squad of Nether Islands. He does not fight as often as his captain, but he sure is one ally who can show a lot of support for Netherrack. Netherrack and Netherball are a perfect team together, and they will do anything they can to impress their ruler, support the other Nether captains, and do what they can for King Florine as well such as invading the Drawing World.

• Frostmancer
o Frostmancer from Permafrost Fjords is a formidable ally to Netherrack and Netherball from Nether Islands in an alternate dimension. Even though he lives in a colder area in the Drawing World, Frostmancer can receive messages from Nether Islands, Wither Highlands, the Arid Plateaus Power Plant, and even Castle Florine, and he can use his ice magic to send messages to Netherrack, Pitch, and King Florine just to reach out to them. Frostmancer pretty much serves as a messenger for the bad guys when he gets a chance.

• Colton Sediment
o Colton Sediment (Cole for short) is a 20-year-old adventurous earth elemental with the ability to shake the ground, but he sometimes does that by accident. Cole is one wise man who can crush his enemies and make them suffocate when he has the chance to defeat them.

• Ratchet Sagjaiyah
o Ratchet Sagjaiyah (sag-jye-yuh) is a 20-year-old determined poison elemental who is very quick at putting his plans into action and refuses to let anything stand in his way. He has a younger brother named Kilotón who is almost always concerned about almost everything, and it does not matter what it is.
o Five years ago, Ratchet and Kilotón lived at North Virgin Lake, which was also where Yetta Luz used to live. Ratchet had a best friend named Aureole Indra, and those two were a very cute couple and somewhat the best of friends. However, on Ratchet’s fifteenth birthday, Aureole did not show to his party or tell him that she had to go to a funeral, and Ratchet was humiliated. The next day, Ratchet gets angry at Aureole for not showing up to his birthday party without telling him and leaves her, which breaks Aureole’s heart. When he comes home and looks through the album of pictures that he took with his friends and family, Aureole on some of them, Ratchet immediately regrets his mistake and wanted to apologize for hurting her. To make matters worse, Ratchet and his family had to move away the next day, and it hurts his heart even more.

• Kilotón Sagjaiyah
o Kilotón Sagjaiyah, the younger brother of Ratchet, is a 16-year-old steel elemental is charming and outgoing but worries too much, especially about his family and friends. Whenever he worries about something, his big brother always tells him that everything would be okay, even though it is not always the case. On weekends or school breaks, Kilotón and Ratchet invite Illumina Brightz and her sisters to their house or visit them to hang out at the Blue Leaf Forest, at Steel Province National Park, at Bluegreen Foresta, or at Tidal Falls.

• Antimony
o Antimony is an anthropomorphic cat of the steel element with a scorpion tail. She faced a few unexpected difficulties in her life such as being invited to Christmas parties with Toxtricia and Dragalei, left out, and humiliated by her friends who do not care about her or even know she’s missing. This embarrassing incident happens to Antimony every year, and she never knew why. On Christmas Day before the time of Flameza’s assassination, Toxtricia and Dragalei apologize to Antimony for leaving her out and all the embarrassment she could not pass through, promising to never start parties without her, and she kindly forgives them.
o One worse tragedy that Antimony has faced in her life is losing her older sister Copper. When the two sisters enter Castle Florine, they were caught, and King Florine’s minions behead Copper with a guillotine as Antimony watched it happen. After Copper’s death, the heartbroken Antimony gets thrown in the dungeon, and then she sees Copper’s spirit telling her about how much she loves her and to never give up hope.

• Proarmor
o Proarmor is a steel elemental who is always padded with steel armor that can’t be taken off, and he’s the oldest of the Heavy Protectors. Even though Proarmor is shy and aloof in some circumstances, he tries to make some impressions for not just his friends, but also for his younger siblings, Battector and Aquora.

• Battector
o Battector is Proarmor’s younger brother with the same type of armor that he has. Battector will do anything to help his siblings and friends overcome their fears and face their challenges, and he will never let anyone or anything bad stand in his way.

• Aquora
o Aquora is the younger sister of Proarmor and Battector with the same type of armor that they have and the youngest of the Heavy Protectors. Unlike her older brothers, Aquora wears a cape of water that she uses to cover her and change her appearance before swimming and going underwater. However, she may not use her cape wisely because she may accidentally end up looking naked after uncovering herself with her cape, which is something that no one wants to see, especially her brothers.

• Cinder Pyros
o Cinder Pyros is another 19-year-old fire elemental, but he’s not as adventurous or determined as his friend, Flameza. He’s more relaxed and optimistic than the hot-headed and stubborn hero he becomes. Cinder is a few months older than Flameza, and he doesn’t know Lavia as much as he does.

• Bay Morrissey
o Bay Morrissey is an energetic and radiant 18-year-old water elemental who is always striving to make his friends laugh. Every summer, he throws an overnight party at his house and invites a lot of friends to his house, including Flameza, Aerial, the Heavy Protectors, and especially Coral and her siblings. No one has really asked Bay why he would throw parties at his house in the summer. After every party, however, Bay takes time off to relax at the lake near Coral’s house, at Bluegreen Foresta, or the enchanted forest near Illumina’s house.

• Rainbow Ozones
o Rainbow Ozones is Aerial’s sexy and embarrassing 15-year-old sister who is always hot for no reason, even in the cold and harsh weather or conditions. She hates being asked why she’s always hot and sexy and any other mortifying questions that anybody would ask her. Rainbow also tries to keep her embarrassing shenanigans to herself and Aerial and hide them from everybody else, especially after the deaths of their parents.

• Ironair
o Ironair is a steel elemental in shining armor full of iron. He sometimes helps the heroes of the human world who explore and save the world a bunch of times but never truly saving the world. No matter how many times any hero of the universe, sometimes with Ironair among them, has to defeat any villain or monster trying to destroy and threatening the world, they always seem to come back to life worse than before, and it can sometimes be real scary and disturbing.

• Marama Ramachandra
o Marama Ramachandra is an 11-year-old emotional and sensitive blue-moon spirit chibi elemental who holds the Blue Moon Amulet as the source of his power. At the age of seven, the X Enders destroy his amulet and violently mutilates his old best friend, Lucian Elior, in the middle of town square. Lucian sacrificed himself so save Marama. Between the five-year period from the loss of the Blue Moon Amulet to the X Enders’ return, he meets Leafy Jungle, and very close friend of his, and Flameza after Lucian’s assassination; he meets a girl named Yetta Luz, who suffered an even worse life than Marama did, and later has her as his new best friend; and three human explorers – Lucas Quincy, Trey Asphalt, and Kenji Zimokoru – find the ten pieces of the Blue Moon Amulet at Tidal Falls in the human world, and the amulet was restored. Like Flameza, Lavia, Leafy, Antimony, and Yetta, Marama had faced a lot of difficulties and tragedies in his childhood.

• Waxer
o Waxer is an earth dragon who can lift and smash boulders, curl up into a ball, and smash through thick ice and crystals. Whenever Waxer goes on any adventures, he almost always teams up with Sandbuck so that they can count on each other and protect their other friends.

• Volcanic
o Volcanic is a fire elemental whose body is almost entirely made of lava and molten rock. He’s no pushover, but he is very slow mostly because of what he is made out of, meaning that he usually can’t get away from his enemies. Wherever he goes, Volcanic almost always leaves a steaming hot trail of molten rock, and anyone who touches him or his trail will get burned really badly.

• Ampere Nariko
o Ampere Nariko is a 19-year-old plasma elemental who can generate and fix electrical machines and resist being electrocuted. One day when she had to fix a giant supercomputer in a science lab, Ampere did the best she could and successfully got it working again. Everyone who saw it had absolutely no idea how she did it in any way.

• Platinum
o Platinum is an anthropomorphic cat cyborg with a very sharp mind. She usually goes on extremely dangerous adventures as Antimony’s sidekick to keep her from being lonely after Copper’s death. Nobody knows who invented Platinum because her inventor died of a serious disease the day after the day she was created (even she doesn’t know).

• Raiden Lampern
o Raiden Lampern is a 19-year-old outgoing and energetic light elemental who can light up a dark room with his charm. Even though he’s not very smart as he or his friends think he is, Raiden always tries to be smart, but it usually does not work out. One day, during the summer of 2017, a girl Twinkle Brightz, a younger sister of Illumina, invited Raiden to an enchanted forest near her house that she and her sisters go to nearly every night, and he decided to go with her. When Raiden and Twinkle almost fell in love, one little area of the forest became their little rendezvous.

• Sandbuck
o Sandbuck is a 15-year-old earth elemental who has always loved sand, beaches, and the beauty and heat of summer. Amongst his best friend, Waxer, he and Sandbuck always have each other’s backs and will not let any bad things get in their way, except illnesses and epidemics, of course.

• Dragalei
o Dragalei is an anthropomorphic cat and dragon hybrid with life and steel elemental magic powers. She’s one of Antimony’s best childhood friends, and she still enjoys her company growing up. Every year for Christmas, however, Dragalei and Toxtricia always invite Antimony to their parties but never know she’s missing; Antimony was horribly humiliated as a result of Dragalei’s mistake.

• Illumina Brightz
o Illumina Brightz is a 20-year-old shy, laid-back, and self-reliant light elemental who always thinks outside the box and is usually active at night for her private activities, whether it is at Laguna Beach Island or in the woods next to her house. She wears some special glasses that give her night vision and help her see things near and far, and she can’t see without them. She has two younger sisters, Twinkle and Lucia, and they sometimes do the private shenanigans that she does. At night, Illumina usually goes hiking in the enchanted forest near her house and swimming in a magical swimming pool where she and her sisters can enjoy, unless it is too cold outside, especially during the winter.

• Coral Azure
o Coral Azure is a 15-year-old sexy water elemental who loves the ocean and wishes to live under the sea. She has two older brothers, Marsh and Irving, and one younger sister, Laguna. On weekends, Coral usually goes to Laguna Beach Island (this place is NOT named after her sister) during the summer or a secret hideaway under her house to practice her water magic skills or have some privacy, and she sometimes takes Laguna with her.


Once upon a time, in a magical world full of people, chibis, and anthropomorphic animals of different magical elements, there were seven magical princesses who ruled the Realm of Elements and lived together in peace and harmony. Princess Arunika Aerwyna, the princess of the sun, lived in a shining castle that lies in the center of the largest city in the Realm of Elements called “Elemental City.” Arunika lived in the castle with two sisters: Lucine, the princess of the moon, and Nova, the princess of the stars. There are four other princesses who live somewhere else in the world, but they still rule with the Aerwynas equally. Dayana Jade, the princess of healing, lives at Laguna Beach Island. Marilee Adelpha – the princess of peace, love, and marriage – lives in a luxurious temple at South Redwood, where elementals that live there get married. Amanda Meadows, the princess of vegetation and rebirth, lives in a brilliant castle near North Virgin Lake. Finally, Eos Senera, the princess of time, lives in a shrine that lies on an island south from Bluegreen Foresta.
One day, on July 14, 2018, Princess Arunika Aerwyna sent five guards to protect the Everdagger at the Castle of Elements in Central Elemental City. The Everdagger is an enchanted dagger that is so powerful that it can penetrate through any material, especially diamonds. The first guard defends the weapon itself, guards two and three guard the doors to the chamber, and guards four and five stand at the hallway. The five guards need to keep an eye on any monsters that try to go after the weapon, but then they would not be enough to protect one of the most powerful weapons of all time from some of the greatest villains or monsters of all time.
“Someone’s coming,” the first guard says. “Protect the Everdagger at all costs.”
“What’s going on?” asked the second guard.
Before any of the guards knew what was going on, a brutal and bloody monster busted down the doors to the chamber and wipes out Guards Two and Three. “Who goes there?” said Guard Four.
The unsuspecting monster speaks in a dark and evil tone, “It is I, the most brutal and bloodiest exiled elemental of all time, but you can call me Death. I am the one who will destroy all of you.”
“I don’t think you stand a chance,” says Guard Five. “After him!” But then when Guards Four and Five charge at Death, he immediately wipes them out with his Death Knife.
“I think not, puny guards,” Death snickered.
Before Death reaches the magical canister containing the Everdagger, Guard One stands in front of it and says, “Hey! That’s not how you talk to-“
But the guard was interrupted when Death covered his mouth and shoved him aside. “At last, the Everdagger is mine!” Death says as he opens the canister. “With this, I will finally mutilate-“
“Wait!” the last guard interrupts.
“Och! What is it now?” Death groans in disappointment.
“You will not get away with that weapon in your bloody hands,” the guard explains to Death that he will be stopped. “It is also in the wrong hands of its user. There is one elemental that will defeat you and save the Realm of Elements from evil once and for all; his name is Flameza Torriscald.”
Death scoffs and stabs the last guard in the heart with the Everdagger. “Heroes? Oh, please. With this weapon, there is no stopping me, and I will finally mutilate Flameza Torriscald’s best friend, Lavia Scensear. Whether his friends will stop me or not, I will only cost them their lives! Besides, all of those lousy heroes are a bunch of hippy, dippy baloney.”
After Death has wiped out all five of the guards that failed to protect the Everdagger from being stolen, he goes off and disappears without a trace.

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