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The Council of Magic Files on the Twins Gemini who trained under the Sages of Gulavult
The twins Fransis and Meribel Larch were born in the post apocalyptic world of Faileim, which at the time of their birth, was far more scarred by their nuclear war of ideologies than, it is now, though its not much better now.  They were born  in the year 1888Â
Of this Era of Sorrows to parents of aldean stock, for the twins are mixbloods. Their parents died during their youth being killed by an irradiated mutant bour, or so the rumors go, and they were raised by caravanner associates of their father. They made a living scavenging ruins and wrecages for old world items that the carvaner traded for goods, and clean water and foodstuffs.  Franis gained great skill with firearms, favoring his dual revolvers both found in ruins taken from old gun safes from before the war, showing great skill and accuracy, possibly aided by his latent magic. His sister Meribel on the other hand preferred melee weapons using quick reflexes and an almost arcane luck, along with her strage Xenos magic though she did not know that at the time, to level the field in a world that relies heavily on firearms.  They gained a name for themselves as the Twins Gemini known for their skill and reliability in their endeavors fighting off raiders, mutants and other such creatures.   Â

   It was a few years into this when they were approached by a strange man in a tattered robe, holding an odd staff, he was Jedrek Feirarim, the current sage of Gulavult at the time. He had heard of their skills and reputation and offered them a job. He told them that the Havasta Corporation had attempted to heal the land in a nearby lab  but something had gone wrong, and the sage had believed something darker was involved.  It was dangerous work but the sage's reward would alow their carvaner family to live comfortably for a long time. After thinking on it for some time they agreed to help this strange man following him into the wastes. Over the next few days they spoke with each other and got to know each other, thought Jedrek seemed to be investigating them in his conversations.Â

About a week later they reached the facility now overrun with vines and other flora. The inhabitants were quite dead, ,mostly strangled by the large mutated flower .  It was a grizzly site with the bodies tangled into the mass of vines and stems. The twins quickly began to cut their way threw the vines using the skills they picked up in the wilderness though this was the first time the vines fought back.  It was a fierce fight but soon they reached the epicenter finding the great twisted flower at the center and destroyed the creature. It was quite easy thought in fact this may have all been a test by the Sage to find his new apprentice as he did offer to take them off this world of waste and radiation and train them. And after  Jedrik promised to help their caravan establish a protected settlement that they agreed.  Â

And so he teleported them From the Ashen world of Faiem to old Keyvaile in the township of Torisal, where they began to train in the ways of the Sages of Guluvult. Though they both were skilled in the arcane arts, Jedrik decided to take Fraces as his apprentice as sage, which many people in the council say is a foolish decision based on petty reasons, namely sexisum, though in truth this can not be confirmed.  What we can say is that he favored the boy and taught him the secrets of his order, many that we in the council do not know. A few years into his training Francis was brought to one of the caves deep under the town and shown visions of his past present and future, though to the exact nature and details of visions nothing was recorded though it is claimed by his twin to be the start of his darker path. For the Dark forces of Nebros turned their gaze to the young man.

The demon Calridul whispered into the young Francis' ear for many months twisting his mind and corrupting his soul. He spoke of his fallen world Mosti and told him that fate may suffer other worlds, it was this that ensnared the apprentice sage as he fell deeper and deeper into the darkness. And under the star Rogunth he made a covenant with the worshipers of Nebros dooming his soul to corruption. He turned on Torisal killing the guardian at the time Mary Stilten and maiming Jedrek with him only surviving than the last minute intervention of Merabel who drove him off with Jedrek's aid . Â

After being driven out by his twin he went back to work with the cult of Nebros trying to continue his master's plans. He delved into the works of dark researchers such as Tolargar Azuf'son and Teofil Zerbraca.using their knowledge to further the lord of madnesses goals .


He was last seen a few years back when he was involved in the war of sparks and dragons attempting to take control of the horned one's undead army, thankfully he was stopped by his sister and Kelly Bluecold.of the Champions of Magic,

Meribel would take over as Jedrek's apprentice showing great skill and courage in her trials. During her trip to the vision cave she saw her visions of past present and future seeing her parents again back when they were alive and well, her family back home building their new settlement, and her homeworld of Faileim becoming a green and prosperous world again.Â
Despite her skill and dedication she would not take the position of Sage for some time, though she was it in all but name for most of that time. It was not until years later when she confronted her corrupted brother again during the events involving the reasurgane of the Sphere of the Ancients that she felt like she deserved the title and so faced Nebros and took the mantle of Sage of Gulavult.Â
She would serve as sage for many years aided by her long life as an Aldean protecting the lands of the blight coast and driving off evil. Â
Years later she would discover that the tender of the local orphanage in Torisal was consorting with demons and performing blood sacrifices for power, and would deal with her destroying her rituals and leaving her to the mercy of the mob of angry townsfolk. Among the Orthens that escaped was a young Aldrich Nemasir who would go on to become her new apprentice. And so the cycle continued as she taught the lad the same things Jedrek had taught her years earlier. And once his training was compeat she retired to join the order known as Narvis Purficana, an order founded by Ordath Middlim, of Onixanaian fame. She joined that order in hopes of one day curing her brother of his corruption. Â

And as we know the rest is history

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