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The feeling that for most of us we can't pin point.
         I remember feeling tired, but alert as darkness clouded me. I felt the subtle confusion cloak my thoughts. I must’ve fallen asleep. I couldn’t see anything but a weak lonely star, seemingly miles away. It gave a faint glow like it was dying. My exhaustion crept further into my mind, penetrating my alertness. The star slowly faded, my focus lost.

         I lost hope. I couldn’t help but cry my thick tears at the sudden disappearance of my little friend. The quiet sobs quickly turned to wailing and howling as if I’m being tortured for my realization. The pain of my realization chewed on my insides like thread unravelling swiftly, ripping my heart piece by piece. My realization shall now haunt me for eternity and beyond.

         The nothingness ate the last pieces of me until I became part of the nothingness.

         There, I waited, like the nothingness before me.

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