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A series of nightmares and dreams.
(These are just the first couple of stories and then I'm going to re-edit this into a book of stories.)


I am sitting on the porch, thinking of ideas to write…

Night always comes with no day, but there’s a light on the wall. However, it’s not as powerful as time, so when it’s tired, it flickers.

I keep thinking I should replace it, but it never gets done.

Then, one day it goes out and doesn’t return.

That darkness that surrounded me and took me made me realize.

I was that flickering light.

Story 1

I remember when I fell asleep and had a dream…

In my dream, there was a girl and a house. The house looked a lot like my own… a mess.

The girl walked into the living room and kitchen. As she entered the kitchen, I went to seek a noise. It sounded as someone else was in the house.

“Me and mom will be in the other room, watching TV. Come when you’re ready.” It said, then faded.

The girl looked for a second, but they were gone, so she carried on with what she was making.

It looked like a smoothie of some sort. She was adding some weird ingredients, I remembered they were whip cream, water, and some blue liquid.

She blended them, turned the blender off, and tasted a bit of her smoothie. She realized she forgot to add bananas.

But before she touched one, she threw up foam.

The girl ran into the hallway to her mother’s room.

As she ran, I felt her whole self turning into foam that hissed like acid rain.

She was able to reach the knob but never opened the door. Her world turned dark and I felt her emotions; hopeless, sad.

Many of you would think this was the end of the story. However, it hasn’t ended…

I felt something was wrong when the girl ran. The hallways were dark and empty, the door to her mother’s room was locked and there were no sounds. That’s when I realized.

She died alone.

Story 2

I was just reading a book in the dark, but also in the light.

It was a book about something I forgot until I remembered.

I think I saw blood or was it that cranberry sauce I left out on the counter?

And I think I need to replace my light-bulb, for it just died.

Anyways, I remembered what it was because in it there was a dream.

In my dream, I’m dead.

I’m also dead in real life.

Dead if I don’t clean up this cranberry juice, that is taking forever.

But, I remember being in this kitchen, doing what I am now.

I look up at the window and I see—


I’m probably hallucinating, and I have to buy bleach at the store.

But I heard a sound.

It sounded like the rhythm of someone’s heart.

I look up at the sky and then I look at my chest.

This is the 639th time I’ve seen my death.

And now I must sleep.
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