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The Ferris Wheel Touched Down Again
Well now, once upon a time long ago and far away I hitched a ride on this ferris wheel and it took me up there where the view is fine. I etched a line here and there, made a little bit of a fuss, caused a little bit of a fuss, and then I just kind of drifted off out of the carnival and into a sunset that swallowed me up for a bit.
And then I came back. And then I went away again. You get the pattern.
And then a funny thing happened. In the meantime, I actually turned into a writer. I hadn't really planned it. But sometimes things happen when you're not paying attention, because you're too busy with other things.
And then you notice a thing. Which you pay no mind to, really - until others start noticing that same thing you noticed.
And then a bit more time goes by and you don't pay it too much attention because sometimes it's good to be sure of things.

And then there it is. And you just have to smile a bit, thinking back in wonder, at what all that fuss was supposed to be about.
And do you know, still until this very day, I find myself wishing that these letters were being pounded out on that old Remington from so very long ago. That clickety clackety ding! Just for the charm and style of it.
As if I should be shrugged into an ancient tweed, a fedora dipped down on the right hand side, about 4 o'clock or so. A rainy day outside a ground floor office window, eyes on the street. Coffee gone cold on the desk pad. Smudges of ink here and there. The romance of that river flow of thoughts no faster than an 8-fingered dance. Good to be back.
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