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by Norman
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Do you haiku?
Haiku is all the rave today.
You see it all the time.
I can’t say I’m a fan of it.
It doesn’t even rhyme.

Haiku is just a little poem.
There are three lines, no more.
It’s from Japan, of that I know,
but I find it a bore.

You start with seven syllables,
the second line has five.
The third line matches with the first.
That’s all you may contrive.

Oh, damn I have that all messed up.
It’s five, then seven, and five.
Those Japanese are wily folks;
I think they do connive.

I think they’re getting back at us
for losing that big war.
And so they’re playing games with us.
It makes me kind of sore.

That’s ten and seven syllables,
all stuck in lines of three.
Well, you can keep your haiku poem.
It’s not my cup of tea.

konnichiwa to
all of you who like haiku
sayonara too

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