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Explosion in the Virology Labs unleashes Cori and her clan to cause misery Worldwide
Monster Unleashed.
(Revised and Reposted : R2)
(Short story, Fiction)

“Hey, Cori! Surpris’ng y’re here?” Ebi wonders.
“Oh, my goodness, what, ye d’nt know?”... “Uh...It’s a big story, we’re brought here captives. Slogg’n here in labs, more than an year…….These rogues r abuse us hell”
“What? Ye gals get’n teased? It’s wonder, why what happened? Anything serious?”
“That doc tortures us gals ,puts us in test tubes, pours chemicals, boils, pours, sends us in merry go round,……. Gee…… its roller coaster every day. He’s still not satisfied, we r fed up”.
“Is he mad or what? ....... what’s he cook’n”
“Lo, she’s commin’……crook of a lady in all white, mask, surgeon’s cap and apron. Injects us in to these hapless mice n hares”
“Why is she do’in it? …Strange! What does she get doi’n it?”
“Oh , Ebi dear, it’s a big story, are u interested in knowing? …..Here it is for you. We were in few thousands when they caught us. They put us here with all meat, worms, flesh n water mixed in some magic drugs. Like fools we ate all that, happily enjoyed, and soon grew into trillions of trillions. Few days later they started torturing us in all sorts of experiments. Many of our guys and gals perished. Hini too lost her life, poor girl. But our large numbers in millions are enough for them to continue.
When we go into rats’ body, poor creatures, die instantly. When people touch us they get fever cough and gasp for breath. Many of them die too. Our folks are in disgust and curse these docs and the lady in white, for all this. We were not like this earlier, it’s all after we ate the drug mixed meat they gave us to eat. We became victims of experiments. They’ve sown venom in our clan! People are frightened of us. None wants to touch us or even talk to us. Life here is miserable. We’re kept sealed in canisters cold stored. The lady in white opens now and then, takes a few of our folks to conduct their research………that’s our story! How we wish we escape their claws an’ get free in open.”
“Sad…Poor you folks, I pity. The slur, hell with it. …..I advise you folks plan escape immediately”
“No, it’s not easy. Their grip on us is strong. Detectors and security alarms are kept everywhere, we’ll get caught”
“Hey, Cori , get smart, watch out for a chance, give them a slip!”
“B o o m ………” Huge explosion rocks the laboratory, roof came crashing down. Gush of water from the breached dam nearby engulfed. Ebi held me tight, we swam and jumped on to the broken walls.
“Lo, it’s great all our folks have jumped on wall. See them, they are all over there…..” I jumped with joy… ……. shouted loud.”
“Hey folks, escape fast, latch on to fish, frogs or any creature you find. Drift along with them! …Don’t cling to walls. You will be hunted down by these tyrants! Get fast ……….. Run……Run”
A breaking news on TV started flashing immediately :
“The virology lab has collapsed in explosion.. All present washed away ..River dam breached”
TV goes off the air instantly by a strict censor slapped on media. Social media banned. Internet disabled. The accident and damages kept a secret.
Me with our clans , spread our way all over the places riding the fish and other creatures. People who ate them died or fell sick instantly. Huge numbers all over the country began to die, even more fell sick.
Panic gripped the country. Our clan, for no fault of us were transmitted by people’s body, saliva, phlegm, excreta to all others who came in contact.
Head of the country went on air, declared a state of emergency, people asked to stay home,Hospitals were flooded with people gasping for air! Weaklings died all over roads, malls, Rail stations, and public places country wide!
Soon me and my clan spread piggy back on people and goods who went out of Nachiland to destinations world over. Caught unawares, people and other living beings there began falling sick, week ones died in thousands, forcing many nations to declare state of emergency, confine people locked in at homes.

I’m sad looking down from heaven here praying “Oh Lord Almighty, free us of blame for all the mischief by humans. Prevail good sense in them not to abuse us and fall into death-trap”
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