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I saw my mother...who has been dead for the pass two years!
Impossible- Chapter Four

There it was; the impossible. My mouth dropped and I shivered in disbelief. Looking up, while still afloat, I saw a translucent-like woman floating and staring directly back at me. I blinked twice just to be sure that it was real. The woman was dressed in white from head to toe. Suddenly, I was adorned in a similar colorless clothing. She wore a flowing milkywhite dress and some white heels. Her hair was white except at the roots where her original black hair bloomed. The woman had an eerie resemblance to my mother. "Could it be?" I thought.

"Harrly," she uttered, "Why so bland? It's me, your mother."

"No. You are not my mother. She- she died, two years ago. You're not real," I stuttered.

"But, Harrly, I am real," the woman said as she stretched out her arms and touched my cheek. My complete understanding of reality shattered. I was bewildered. "H-h-how? Unless...I am dead," I cried.

"You're not dead, Harrly. You're alive. In fact, you're more than alive. You are what some say 'impossible' and to me, you are magical!" the woman chuckled, " Come with me." She brought me down to the floor. The wooden tiles were cold but smooth. I looked around and I my father was no where in sight. "Where's dad? He was here not too long ago," I catechized.

"Don't worry. He's here but not where we are," my mother said.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"We are in a place called Terra Incognita. It means 'Land of the Unknown'. You see, you thought I was dead. And you are right, in this world however. But in actuality, Terra Incognita is a place where all of the people like you, me and your father go after we passed the border of life and death. Only the lucky few that harness this amazing power get access to this place," my mother explained. We walked over to the attic's door and my mother opened it. A blinding light was revealed. As the illumination faded so did our house and a beautiful landscape was exposed.

We were on top of a cliff and the view down was incredible. There was a waterfall that looked like a brew of milk. The rising sun shined upon the grass making it greener than ever. The sky was unrealistically blue with a slight shimmer. I was speechless. My mother held my hand and led the way onto a grassy path. We stood upon a heap of rocks that lined the lake the cascade had created. There was a quit yet calming silence between my mother and I. Eventually, it was broken. "Are there any more people here?" I asked.

"Of course, we are never alone," my mother stated, "On the the other side of this hill you will find countless groups of your ancestors." I followed my mother up the knoll and I realized that she was truthful to her word. There was an entire nation of people. It was strange because from the climax of where we were standing you could've seen everything. You could've seen all the people of each cardinal direction. There were redheads in the north drinking whiskey. I saw beautiful people in the west swimming and fishing. The southern people were cultivating and doing beadwork. There were from the east building amazing architecture. I felt like a goddess watching over my people. "These are your people, Harrly," my mother happily whispered, "And someday you're gonna have to take care of them."

"How am I gonna do that?" I asked.

"Train. Practice. And eventually, when the time is right, you'll become something remarkable; something that has never been accomplished before. You'll become the impossible," my mother spoke in an motivative tone.

"I-I don't understand," I stuttered.

"You will someday. Goodbye, my little magician," my mother replied. Before I got a chance to ask her to explain, my mother kissed my forehead and pushed me off the hill. What was supposed to be a quick fall from only 10 feet off the ground felt like an eternity. I could have sworn we were on a hill but it seemed like I was just pushed off Mount Everest. The gravity that was forcing me to my death suddenly increased in velocity and I was plummeting like a bullet of a gun. I wanted to scream however it wouldn't have a purpose because there was nothing but white clouds below, above and all around me.

I had been falling for two minutes, according my calculations, except it had the sensation of lasting a perpetuity. Soon, I started to hear the beeping of automobiles and banging of a nearby construction site. I began to hear people screaming and crying. I realized that I was not dreaming and I undertook to scream as well.

"Oh my gosh, is that a child?" one woman shouted.

"You're right. Quickly find something to catch her before she plunges to her death!" another responded. I squeezed my eyes and prepared for impact as I got closer to the ground. My chest was thumping and the sweat from my palms started falling along with me. In a matter of seconds, there was a sudden and loud whooshing sound. It stopped and I felt the rough hands a man holding me tight. I opened my eyes and looked up to my father. I hugged him firmly and started crying in a mix for joy, fear and sadness.

After I calmed down and we both hugged each other for a solid ten minutes, my father told me that I was unconscious while floating in the air for five hours! He said he had tried every spell that he could've thought about and he even attempted a couple conjurations from The Ancient Book but not a single one worked.

"I spoke to mom," I interrupted.

"What?" my father stumbled.

"I-I'll explain later. Right now, I just want to snuggle up into a ball and rethink my life," I sighed with a slight sarcasm. I curled up on the floor next to my dad and we both sat there in a silence that neither of us dared to break. I thought about everything that had happened and I realized my ghostly mother was right: I actually accomplished the impossible.

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