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an exercise set forth by Elle, these are the things I want people to remember about me
First of all, I am a devout Christian, but that is far from saying I am perfect, as I make human mistakes always and I feel my shame for them. I can only say that I sin but ask God for forgiveness and I try my level best to do better in the future.

I am a true family person, I have no children but I am best friends with my mom, husband, and sister... as well as being very proud of my brother n law and nephews. I am super close to my family and would lay down my life for them to save them without thought.

I love my dog Chewy, he is like the son I never was able to have, He is a little Yorkie and he means the whole wide world to me. I also have a Fyst, which is a squirrel dog, his name is Fiesty.

I am a huge supporter the United States Military and Veterans, my father was a Veteran, who lost his life due to his service to our beloved country... He taught me to have love and respect for all veterans and my country.

All of my relatives on both sides are dear to my heart, even those I do not see very often.

I have forgiveness in my heart for those who have wronged me, even those who robbed me and stole everything I owned including my car, furniture, and my trust in my fellow man.

I am a meek person, I do not like fighting, arguing, fussing or no such behavior as these. I do not like confrontation of any kind.

I love mankind and animals, I love nature and I hate pollution, corruption, and consider myself a bit of a loner or shy.

I love to write poetry, I love writing.com and I like to contribute to it. I like making friends here too.

Before becoming disabled, I had a good work ethic, I was a reporter for a radio station and also for a news paper.

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