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It's time for a new crazy to rise!
Word Count:1065

"It's all about precision, stealth and a little bit of insane. Just kidding, a whole lot of insane!" said Harley as she and her six year old daughter steadily balanced across the edge of a 30 x 30 10 storey building. "Now, if your'e trying to gat away from some freak hero, you gotta be quick. You gotta be fast," she continued and began sprinting along the fringe of the building. The little girl remained still as she watched her mother elegantly running carelessly. "Man, I can't wait to grow up and be like her," she thought.

"Why wait?" said the animated-like devil on her shoulder, "Prove to her now that you are as despicable as she is."

"No! No! No! Don't do that! What if something goes wrong? I say you wait," yelled the angel. The child thought for a while until she gave an evil grin. She brushed the angel of her shoulder and began whispering to the devil as if planning something.

"Jackie! C'mon, it's your turn!" Harley shouted in the distance. Without a reply, Jackie slowly walked the same direction as her mother and eventually accelerated. She running as fast as her little body could take her.

Halfway to the end, the little devil shouted," Now!" Jackie leaped into the air and performed a somersault in the air. She landed wobbly and became unbalanced. Her face froze in horror as she saw her Harley running to the rescue but she was too late. Jackie slipped off the edge and plummeted over 100 feet down. Harley stood and watched her only child fall into a dumpster below. When the woman arrived at the dumpster, Jackie was unconscious. Harley feared the worst as they were rushing Jackie into the emergency room.

Four hours later, Harley was greeted by one of the operating directors. "Your daughter is very lucky to be alive. She landed on her side and broke her arm. Her head was also hit during impact damaging the parts of the left hemisphere of the brain and most of the prefrontal cortex. Unfortunately, we do not have the specialized equipment to perform the surgery. All we can do is to let her rest. I'm truly sorry."

Harley, as a former psychiatrist, knew what the damage had done and she feared the worst. She slowly entered the room where Jackie was laid to rest. Even though she was crazy, Harley wasn't inhumane and a few tears rolled down her cheek before she wiped them away so that no one would notice. She felt somewhat responsible for what had happened so she stooped down and whispered in her sleeping daughter's ear," I'm sorry."

---Ten Years Later---

The sound of a heels clinked across the wooden tiles of a small apartment, A teenage girl was holding a birthday cake that said, "Happy Birthday Jacqueline" while singing the birthday song. She brought the cake over to table where where Jackie was sitting. "Thanks so much, Indica," Jackie exclaimed. Indica was Jackie's best friend and also the daughter of Pamela Isley who is known as Poison Ivy. Indica had her mother's hair only that it faded into green. Her eyes were mixed with golden yellow and stem green which gave her a fruity yet magical look.

"I know how much this means to you ever since your parents passed away, so, here you go," Indica replied. Jackie was about to blow out the candles when she was interrupted by a loud banging noise and muffled screaming coming from the closet. The two girls were not surprised. They looked at each other and Jackie gave a despicable grin. "It's about time," she said.

"Yeah, I was getting worried that he wouldn't wake up...like...I don't know, I thought he was...dead," Indica whispered. Jackie chuckled and they both headed over to the other side of the room. Jackie opened the door to a handsome young man tied up with ropes and duct tape while sitting on the floor. His hair was fiery red and his eyes were as blue as the sky. He had a cloth in his mouth that prevented him from shouting. Dresses and outfits were hanged over his head which blocked his eyes. Jackie pulled the clothes over to the side to get a better look at the man. Indica took the cloth out out of the man's mouth. "Good morning, sunshine. Would you like some mango tea? Did you know that mangoes help with digestion?" she exclaimed.

"You will never get away with this. Don't you know who I am? I am Prince Adagio, next in line of being the king of Scot--" the man spoke in a Scottish accent.

"Yes, yes. We know who you are. Why else would we kidnap you? Your wife already knows about your...current situation, and if she loves you enough, she'll deposit five million to our accounts. Unfortunately for you, though, you'll be dead already," Jackie interrupted. The man was about to reply but Indica placed the cloth back into his mouth. Jackie stretched over and got two outfits: a purple suit and an orange dress that fades into yellow. She handed the dress to Indica and shut the closet door leaving the man crying for help. The candles were almost out and the wax was pouring over the cake. Ignoring the muffled screaming, the two girls quickly changed into their outfits.

Indica's dress complemented her tone nicely, but Jackie's outrageous purple suit brought out the crazy in her eyes. As she was heading over to the table, Jackie's phone got a text message that notified her the deposit was successful. She smiled and looked up to Indica. "The woman was true to her word," Jackie said.

"Well, a woman would do anything for her love," Indica answered.

"Mmm...too bad he's a waste," Jackie replied. She picked up a small remote and shoved it into her pocket. She smoothed out her jacket, fixed her collar and blew out her candles before leaving the apartment with Indica. When they were far enough from the building, Jackie pulled out the remote and press a red button. Almost immediately, there was a loud bang and the entire building went up into flames, taking everything and everyone down with it. Jackie broke out into a maniacally laughter. She held Indica's hand and said,"Gotham better watch out, Indi. A new crazy is about to rise!"
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