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Rated: E · Poetry · Fantasy · #2223611
Satan's powers are eclipsed by a witch.

Evil's Nemesis

Claire Voyant opened a palmist shop
Across the street from a vacant lot,
In business to soothsay the fortunes of all,
With tarot cards and a crystal ball.

Boldly Satan walked into the shop,
A low visage and a fiendish plot
Caroused his mind in which did dwell
A plan to sent her straight to hell.

"No," he thought with a sadistic grin,
"I'll see no powers above my kin.
Before my plot is understood,
Her powers I will have stripped for good."

Without so much as saying hello,
Satan approached in a fiery glow.
"You," he snarled, "are said to predict,
I'll end those powers and be done with it."

Though unknown to the angry arched fiend,
There was more to Claire than what she seemed,
Her powers span the Acheron Sea,
Where Charon ferried souls to be.

Picking the mole beside her lips,
Beneath her nose that did eclipse,
A craggy hand on the crystal ball,
The other pointing to a darkened hall.

There appeared a docile ewe
Beside a stately golden yew.
To seal the fate of the Underworld King,
Claire interpreted what they mean.

"The day the sheep does see three heads,
And the tree its branches begin to shed,
With coin in your mouth your powers wash away,
And you will be carried beyond the bay."

Enraged by this insulting charm,
His anger vexed to great alarm,
Satan flew up and off thereby,
Reserving yet to say goodbye.

Claire's toothless cackle screeching aloud,
The curse she conjured made her proud
That Satan would not get his way,
And for his evil wrath will pay.

Decamping on the vacant lot,
To which his stalwart demons were brought,
A final plan was put in place
To end the witches' powers apace.

There began a ribald dance,
A fire consumed the small expanse.
Time had come to cast a spell
That grew in force and would not quell.

They did not know, the fiery band,
The curse that roamed about this land,
The fire on it grew and did so furl,
Opening the door to the underworld.

The yew's branches burned and fell,
The ewe emerged from the burning hell,
And as its wool began to shed,
It changed into Charon and with three heads.

Acheron sea rose a mighty force,
And drowned the band with no remorse,
Satan was clutched by his trembling loins,
And in his mouth were stuffed a coin.

Deep beneath the ocean bay,
Old Lucifer was taken that day,
Far beyond its graveyard shore,
To Neptune's region of Nevermore.

Noted from the author. Not a part of the poem.

Acheron is the sea of woe leading to the underworld from which no one returns.
Charon is the mythological three headed ferryman who carries dead souls through the Acheron sea into the underworld.
An ewe is a female sheep.
A yew is a tree.

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