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The wonders of a boy who never went outside in his life & what's through the window.
When you see a door, do you wonder what’s on the other side?

Is it similar to looking at a window?

Well… Once upon a time, there was a boy who lived in an old cottage in the woods.

He was the age of 9, had brown hair with hazel eyes, and didn’t have a family except for his maids, cooks, gardener, and guard.

And they kept him housebound…

But on this day, the boy had a dream.

He didn’t want to be in his cottage, so he went to sleep…

When he woke up, he was in his room, but his room wasn’t there. He looked at his mahogany bed, his library with 200 books, and his desk.

But it wasn’t until he saw the window and noticed a secondary shape.

It was like “A window through a window.” he thought as he stared at it.

But, he didn’t know that it was staring at him. It glowed a light blue and showed the boy more than he ever knew.

And then he went through the window…

He wasn’t in his room anymore. He was in the woods.

There was a sign on a tree. It said,

“Light is up above;

Night dark below;

Water in a sink;

Air around to think;

Fire hasn’t lit;

I’m wondering if;

Where I am, Where am I?

Where can I live?“

And there was a leaf.

It looked ordinary though it wasn’t.

The boy picked it up wondering its significance, then pocketed it.

But it didn’t stay there forever… When the boy walked, there was a breeze that made the leaf fly free.

The boy didn’t stop there. The leaf was a symbol of life for there was no life around him.

But he couldn’t continue. Without the leaf, he didn’t know where or how to live.

In his lost world, his air was thinning… Until he met the pond.

Near the pond, there was a circle of rocks.

The window was next to it. It opened to reveal a fire that hasn’t lit…

Until the boy lit it.

Now he was no longer in the woods.

There was a sink in front of him and a window split in half to represent one light, one dark.

And there was a voice of scratchy nails. It said,

“When could I have known

I wrote a poem

Where can I sit

I had hoped.“

The boy looked up to hear where the voice was coming from…

Who knew it would rain blood?

The boy gasped in horror and ran to the nearest exit.

Except there wasn’t one…

Do you remember what happened at the beginning of the story?

Well… On a chair, the boy saw a page written in his name.

It said,

“Once upon a time

In a little dream

There was such a world

Then I went to sleep.“

“When I woke up

I had all I had

And I noticed then

It was not the end.“

Then the boy remembered…

“The End.”
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