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Erotic suitable for everyone drama and comedy, magical realism elements

Yes, my Lord
It’s been my pleasure
To cook for you
Those morning pancakes.

With cup of tea, and orange juice
I hope you really like them!

I hope you smell the taste of tea,
And ask me to put lemon
I hope the sour on your teeth
Will cast away this demon,

I hope he tells you to enjoy
And ask me for more favor,
I hope the pancakes won’t get cold,
Neither they loose the flavor,

I hope you pour this maple souse
Without shaking your hand
I hope you try my sweet French toast
And ask for sugar blend

I hope the love I put inside
Will give you full attention
I hope this morning breakfast time
Will come up to extension

I hope we play some games again
Draw pictures or do magic
I hope the moment you must leave
Will not become a tragic

I hope I make it with ought you
Trying to keep me busy
I hope one day or maybe two
No longer will be easy

I hope you keep me in your mind
Till the very next morning
I hope you call me at the time
When your heart gives you warning

I hope you clearly understand
With no more explanation
How much I do appreciate
You with no invitation

I hope you come again to me
I hope you stay forever
For good for bad for love and hate
As long as we’re together.

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