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It isn't good for someone to break-in to a next door home, but this time it takes the cake
I moved away from my girlfriend's next door years ago because it was sold to a foster family by my then landlord. It was some time ago and I'm trying to remember the story of all the details I can. The foster family was friends with them too until one of their foster kids somehow broke their front door lock and entered to steel one thing and run away with it.

The said suspect merely followed his nose into the subjects dwelling of an aroma type. Apparently, the youth was longing for what my girlfriend was frying up in a pan. He could not resist the temptation of my girlfriend's meal preparation smell and found himself inside her home looking out for one thing to take only.

My old girlfriend who is now diseased a few years ago, had a lot of goodness and one was being a good cook and very domestic in caring for her family and even invited me over for dinner on several occasions I remember well. As myself a person whom doesn't hardly cook I really appreciated her invites to a home cooked meal and in good company with her family. Later on when I moved away our visits weren't as common and then she fell ill to cancer too.

We kept in touch by phone mostly until her passing but when I was visiting at their home one time she showed me the lock that was broken on her front door to her home. She then told me that the foster boy next door forced his entry way into the home and stole her fried chicken from her kitchen counter and then ran back to next door to his home with it in hand and caught. Now, that is some good chicken that the foster boy couldn't resist at all.

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